Top 7 Portrait Photography Tips and Tricks

Today we love to click and get clicked as well. A stunning portrait can woo your photography graph. Portraying a subject in a simple click, itself is a signature of an art because you are not only bringing the personality out of the subject but also delivering a message through it. The subject may differ it could be your friend, relative, a model or a perfect stranger as well. A well-taken portrait can be a storyteller or some good memories as well.

Portrait photography tips can run the range right from the simple tweaks to your camera settings. Although today we have advanced DSLR camera, but getting a great shot is always a difficult task. Then, the ultimate question is how to take stunning portrait photographs? Let’s have a quick drive to some vital tips and tricks of portrait photography.

Tips and Tricks For Portrait Photography Which Your Camera Manual Didn’t Tell You

1. Background

When it comes to portrait photography, the background plays an immense role. The Portrait is all about taking a glimpse of someone’s personality. So it is vital to choose a background which doesn’t merge with the subject. It is advisable to take simple and less chaotic background. Although many times surroundings are essential to take the personality out of the subject.

Portrait Background

2. Light

Possibly there are best chances of getting a great look in natural lights. However, outdoor shoots are tricky because you won’t be able to control the light in most situations. Don’t run the photo shoot right in front of the sun. Because if you do so it may include unwanted brightness or deep shadow. Avoid shooting in midday if possible. For getting better pictures place the subject in such a direction that sunlight falls on the face from the side. You can also include reflectors or an external flash to pour more light on the face. If you are doing an indoor shoot, then make sure to distribute ample amount of light on the subject.


3. Focus

It is rightly said that “the eyes are the windows of the soul” and it’s true in portraits, too. While you are capturing a portrait your focus should be on eyes of the model. If clicked right than eyes have lot many stories in it which will come up in your portrait photography. Try to capture different expressions at the same time focusing on eyes because every time smiling face won’t make a good portrait.


4. Angle and Pose

Pose and angle both plays an essential role. Motionless expression by looking straight front in a camera can be boring. Try to flash up portrait in a sense with some twist. It could be a smile, pouting lips, apparent look, turning the head back while walking forward or sitting and looking backside. Experiment with poses gives you the exceptional portraits.


5. Exposure Compensation

When you don’t have enough light focused on the face, you might be in a need to provide brightness. Use Exposure Compensation to adjust the light effect. Landscape photographers use such tricks for darken or lighten blues and you can also use it for portraits. Check out how it works: press the exposure compensation button and dial it up +1 or +2 for providing more exposure and brightness to the subject and -1 or -2 stop to darken it.


6. Shutter Speed Settings

As a part of thumb rule, when setting your camera’s shutter speed, consider your lens focal length in a manner to avoid blurred results happen by camera shake. Kindly make sure that the shutter speed is faster than focal length because it should be equal or faster than the focal length.

Shutter speed settings

7. Make Subject Comfortable

In order to get a natural look and take out the real personality of your subject, it is important to make your subject comfortable. If you won’t let your subject free, than the actual sense of art won’t come out from the subject itself. Make your subject comfortable as they are at home. Before starting a campaign, have a word with him or her and try to get friendly. Also, don’t forget about cracking some jokes or talk something in which your subject is interested.

Make Model Comfortable

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