Top Reasons: Why and How to Outsource Photo Editing

Outsourcing photo editing means – after the photography, the images are sent to an external photo retouching service– who, with their professional editing skills – enhance the image further for better results.

Handing over the pictures to the same photographer who clicked it, might not be a good idea. As not all photographers like to spend their time sitting in front of the screen and do the photo editing process.

So it’s better that you outsource photo editing to experts who can enhance and make the ‘good photographer’s photo better.

Why outsource photo editing?

As much as 50% of the overall online buying decision depends on how good or enticing the product image is.

Traditionally, photo editing has been performed by brands and retailers in-house, or by the photo studio employed to click e-commerce images. What some brands and retailers do not realize when hiring commercial photo studios is that– most studios are already benefiting from outsourced photo editing for photographers.

The outsourced photo editing team offers retouching service– however, the line between photo retouching and photo editing is heavily blurred, and some people use the terms interchangeably, but in general, the product itself is manipulated within the image – in retouching

If you’re a brand/retailer looking to create a decent online presence –outsourcing the product photo editing will help you stand out among your online competition.

Gone are the days when growing brands used to hire an in-house team for photo editing. Because in many instances, the in-house team is found more expensive than the outsourcing team.

Not only this, but the in-house team might also lack some enhanced editing skills that outsourced photo editing team won’t.

When done correctly, outsourcing will not only save you money on image editing – but also – with a thorough analysis and selection process; it will improve your image quality and get the product sold online quicker.

Most growing online retailers are aware that as the business evolves, the requirements change too. If you are experiencing high demand for a product or service, you can’t give up your precious time on editing photos.

You might just sell on your online store initially, for example, but you want to venture into Amazon, eBay, wholesale or other channels along the way — each platform with its own photo need.

By outsourcing photo editing work, you don’t have to worry about any seasonal swings. If you outsource photo editing, you get access to talent-pool of skilled photo editors. You can focus on other aspects of your business and less worry about whether you have 10, 100, or 10000+ photos to edit per day.

Outsource Photo Editing

How to outsource photo editing?

Not all outsourced photo editing service providers in the photo editing industry provide the full range of photo editing needs. For example, some do only white background services for the e-commerce industry – while others offer a wide range of photo-editing services, from clipping paths to vector conversions.

Hence, it might get confusing while choosing your outsourced photo editing partner.

So it’s better to share your requirements to the potential photo retouching services provider and understand how do they approach or follow the process of the photo enhancement.

Few questions to ask your outsourced photo editing partner

Even you have to do a bit of homework, for choosing the best outsource photo editing firm. Here are a few questions:

  1. How can I explain my exact requirements to the photo editing firm?

    For new customers, an outsourced image editing service should have a specified step by step process. The editing company must know your wants, and you need to understand how do they follow the process of editing images so that you can present your exact requirements.

    Onboarding duration and methods can differ depending upon the nature of the criteria for photo editing. Still, if there is no onboarding procedure at all, then you will have a very rough start.

  2. Do they follow a technology-based system?

    Hire a team that does follow a consistent and appropriate process for image editing because it will eventually speed up the process of delivery with fewer glitches or errors.

    And avoid hiring a team where the editing requirements are communicated via PDF, email, or Word doc and then forwarded to third-person verbally, who’d do the editing. The result comes with severe injury at the QA point, where finished photos in photoshop need to be checked one by one, and rejections painstakingly outlined in a local document before restarting the entire project.

    That is why you need a system that is based on technology. To scale up photo editing, partners need something intuitive and robust.

    Online comments and quality assurance tools enable photo editors to quickly and visually communicate the needs for photo editing at that moment. They can apply comments on an image or order level, or create a new spec for future orders to be available. Rejections are clearly labeled and tracked to order and bumped into the queue front.

  3. What’s their niche?

    Make sure that the outsourced photo editing service provider is expert editor of your niche.

    Let’s say you’re a wedding photographer, but the photo editing firm you chose is an eCommerce photo specialist.

    So, study their portfolio thoroughly and understand their proficiency. Because not all photo editing are the same, the wedding photo requires different skills of editing, while comparing it with eCommerce product photos.

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Retailers or online sellers who outsource photo editing to professionals receive 40% more online visibility than those who retouch or edit all images on their own.

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If you’re a wedding, portrait, lifestyle, cooking, or product photographer, outsourced photo editing service is your best aid to solve the editing you need from any photographer.

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“Always remember a good photographer might not be a good photo editor.”