Furniture Photography Tips for Selling on eCommerce Platform

Furniture Photography Tips for Selling on eCommerce Platform

Whether you plan to sell your furniture or real estate in both furniture photography will always play a crucial role. While trading furniture on eCommerce platforms, having product photo editing skills helps businesses sell the furniture faster than others.

However, some minor eCommerce photo editing tweaks that many online sellers fail or overlook in their furniture business – make their sales growth slow.

Thus, make sure that you click the pictures it in a way, that will catch everyone’s eye. You would have to make sure that the furniture pieces look clean and polished. However, no worries if you didn’t focus on the above factor because the excellent and compassionate team of IIPVAPI will ensure the final touches of your images with its eCommerce photo editing services.

Furniture Photography Tips for eCommerce

In this blog, we have mentioned a few such furniture photography tips for selling on an eCommerce platform.

The right space and time

The first and foremost point in the entire process is to choose the right space that aligns with your furniture. The right area is the most important thing because that’s what interior design is all about. You place your piece of furniture where it looks good, and that’s the corner you have to look for. Ensure that your chosen space is clean and has an adequate balance of light.

Along with that, verify the time you choose for the photography session must be the afternoon or near to that as the sky reflects the appropriately beautiful light at that time.

The right light and angle

The right light and angle

Apart from artificial light, natural light is essential. The secret is not to keep it in the direct sunlight due to the shadows and reflections for highlighting that perfect feature. Make sure to maintain the balance between artificial and natural lights. However, direct lights can make the products look unattractive.

Stick to the minimal

Many a time, while doing product photography for e-commerce sites, you overdo the styling of your products, which looks messy. Remember to keep it subtle and minimal because the simpler it is, the elegant it looks.

Accurate use of props

The décor and the art pieces you use in your furniture photography should not be extra. Use only the necessary amount of props and make sure to leave a bit of the space around empty. The over-styling might look shabby and undesirable to customers.

Multiple shots

However, even if you do it, we have got ideal e-commerce photo editing services for you. Our photo enhancement services will turn your overstyled images into a subtle ones with an affordable approach.

Color contrast

Colors act as an anchor in a colored picture, and you have to make sure to use the right colors in the frame. Validate that the color of the furniture complements the color of the walls and décor. Just use the right colors, and our IIPVAPI team will take care of the images with our background changing/removing, portrait effects, crystal effects, and Masking services.

Cleaning and polishing periodically

Furniture photography is not a one-hour thing. It takes time, and the dust particles in the air might make the furniture look old and dull in the images. Therefore, look at the product periodically to remove its spots and polish it to make it look as it is.

Set up a backdrop or a studio

Before you start the furniture shoot, create a studio or a backdrop instead of finding a spot for the shoot. You can also add some artificial spotlights and reflectors to make it look refined and polished.

Multiple shots

Accurate use of props

For the perfect furniture photography images, you have to take multiple shots from multiple angles and then leave the rest on the team of Innovative imaging professionals. Be it clipping or masking, and we make sure to give your product images a professional they with our e-commerce photo editing services. We guarantee you 100% quality assurance along with the splash of the right amount of photo retouching services.

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Ecommerce photo editing

The last one yet the most critical one in the process is the photo editing and retouching.

Whatever be the product, selling it on an e-commerce platform is challenging, and the critical element to it is the visibility of the product in the image. The more clean the idea is, the more it will attract the customers.

After arranging all the decorations and clicks from various angles, the last and the final step is the product photo editing. The editing helps you make the shot look clean and beautiful to draw the customers’ attention.

With the same purpose, the dedicated team of IIPVAPI makes sure that your products look glamorous on the e-commerce sites with its excellent photo editing, retouching, masking, restoration, and photo clipping services. At IIPVAPI, we offer comfortable, reliable, and affordable photo editing services to customers seeking perfection. Get in touch now!