What is Image Masking and Why it is essential for your business

What is Image Masking and Why it is essential for your business

Many products or service businesses often use the same stock images across all their web pages and online selling platforms.

Which eventually affects the business in the long run, as their competitors might be using the same image with competitive price.

Hence to overcome those issues and to make your business presence unique on all online platforms – image masking is required.

What is Image Masking?

The basic definition of image masking says it is a process of removing background from a subject or image.

Many times, people use the term image masking services over the clipping path. However, there’s a slight difference between them.

Clipping path is a method used to delete or remove background from an image using pen-tool in photoshop type software. Image masking services also do the same task of removing background – but in image masking services, a variety of tools such as background eraser, magic eraser, and color separation techniques are used.

Image masking is an advanced version of the clipping path task, and it very much helpful when the object of your image has lots of fine lines and small details. For example, fur on a stuffed soft-toys, fuzz on a sweater, or hair on a model.

Types of Image Masking

Image masking may sound as simple as ‘removing the background,’ but it has got various types. Here are some mostly used types of image masking services:

Alpha Channel Masking

In this method, the approach is to combine image masking and path clipping. It is useful when photographs contain backgrounds with a single color.

In alpha channel masking, prime photographic subjects get separated by removal of the background. The separated items or layers are called the alpha loop. Alpha loops are saved separately – so that they can be edited for any use at any time.

Alpha channel masking is often used by image masking services provider when there are furry and hairy objects in the picture. If the object and background have enough contrast, it will be easier to apply the alpha channel masking technique.

Layer Masking

Professional image editing companies commonly use photoshop Layer masking to make the image suitable for commercial, model, or personal use.

Following this method, you can make any section entirely invisible or partially visible. When you paint on the mask with the black, that portion of the image is fully transparent. Which means it will make the layer(s) underneath transparent.

Layar Mask

The key prospect of this is to adjust the ratio of one or more parts of a picture being exposed or blurred. Through this service, the opacity of subjects can be maintained and customized to suit the background.

Clipping Mask

Clipping masks use one layer to determine another layer’s visibility or transparency. We place a layer at the bottom of the layer on which we want the transparency implemented. From the bottom layer, we monitor the above layer’s visibility.

For the beginners, if they compare the action of clipping mask with the layer mask, it may seem a bit contradictory.

If the bottom layer has any pixels in the masking area, then the top layer would be opaque or visible. And if there are no pixels in the bottom layer, the pixels on the top layer will be translucent or invisible.

Collage Masking

With the help of collage masking, the subjects from different images are captured and placed in a diverse background for various purposes.

Image editors can choose different subjects from multiple images to replace them if necessary. Highlighting and other correction tools can help bring focus to new subjects of an image – after copying the subjects.

Collage Masking

There are endless possibilities to make collage images. Using different images and applying masking on them, you can create exciting results. The transitions can be made smooth by using gentle brushes and gradients of color.

Hair and Flesh Masking

The technique of clipping the path becomes useless when image subjects contain something which has body linings or hair.

This image masking services are very complex, delicate, and challenging because clothing, fur, and flesh photos usually have many curves, smoother lines, soft edges.

Hair Masking

Often, the clipping path cannot capture soft edges; hence hair and flesh mask become a must for further editing process to separate the subject from the background.

Why are image masking services required for businesses?

Image masking services has become one of the most typical works of online companies in photo retouching services. Without image masking, the graphic design process is incomplete, and eventually, nearly all online business companies will have to mask images on their photos, which they wish to use on multiple platforms. Image masking services allow you to accomplish this task without distorting or destroying the image quality.

Here are some great benefits of image masking services:

  • Ability to isolate the required part of an image and not the entire background.
  • Change backgrounds to give a fresh look to an older image.
  • Reuse extracted images with a different background.
  • Create advertisements, magazine covers, and more.

There is no doubt that photo masking boosts the quality of your photo and gives it an elegant and attractive look. Such photo editing services are commonly used in advertising, graphic design, fashion design, and many other businesses.

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It is better to outsource image masking services because a skilled team of photo editors can efficiently and accurately perform the editing process better than the internal team.