Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Tips For Amateur Wedding Photographers

Is it the first time you got the opportunity to shoot a wedding all by yourself?

Is it that you need a few wedding photography tips before you start?

Willing to stand out at their first project is what every amateur dream!

A wedding is the dream of 2 families, and if it’s not funny, we may say that it is the dream of photographers. They hold the key to freeze the moments and give those families a lifetime of memories. It is not as easy as it looks; photography requires a lot of experience and professionalism. However, if you are a beginner, keep all the components in mind and capture every bit of emotions, details, and functions to get everything done successfully.

This article entails tips and tricks for beginners to follow and ace their photography game in the wedding style. So, here’s a small list of it.

Wedding Photo Shoot Ideas And Tips

We have enlisted wedding ceremony photography ideas for you to look on to while capturing the beautiful moments. Turn your beautiful moments into lovely souvenirs with IIPVAPI and its services.

1. Shoot the setup

The setup is the most significant component of any wedding along with a knowledge of photo editing basics. The decorations, flowers, seatings, lightings, backdrops, the food stalls, the décor, and almost everything that enhances that space’s beauty. Shooting all of it will make you reminisce the setup of your big day even after the years.

Wedding ceremony photography

2. Small details make the most out of it

Small details such as the ring tray, the table setup, outfit details of the bride and the groom; will be remembered when you go years down the lane. These little details add a lot to your wedding album. If not, click whatever you feel looks good and let a couple of photo editing do the magic to the photographs.

Wedding Couple Photography

3. Lighting is important

Lighting is essential in the pictures. Make sure to capture the lighting setup and the bokeh effects beautifying the entire ceremony. Even capturing the bride and groom, or guests, lights in the background make the photographs much more attractive and fun.

The other aspect of it is the lighting needed to capture the pictures. The lighting has to be suitable to highlight all the hard work you put during the photography. Additional lighting equipment is not necessarily required for wedding ceremonies; they already have a great lighting setup. If the ceremony is in the daytime, the sunlight shouldn’t be too direct or too shady. So, make sure to keep the balance between the two and capture the beautiful moments.

Re-wedding Photography

4. Be prepared with the backup

Always! Always! Always keep an additional camera or equipment in case of any incident. Another great reason to keep an extra camera is the use of another lens. You can set two different dimensional lenses in two separate cameras to capture everything perfectly from all angles.

Professional wedding photography

5. A team is a must

Additional team members will be beneficial while clicking multiple shots from multiple angles. Having an extra team member will prevent one photographer from hopping from one corner to another. Covering the entire event is a huge task, and having additional team members will get off the burden from your shoulder. Therefore, it will make you capture the images without any stress.

6. Backgrounds add the charm

Before you start clicking, ensure that the pictures have a beautiful background. A wedding photographer should know how to capture the beautiful setup in the background as well. Try to capture the guests in front of the backdrops, lightings, and other decors to beautify the images.

Wedding Location Photography

7. Different angles make the difference

One of the best marriage photography tips includes capturing the moments from various angles and using the drones to get different angles of the venue, the setup, guests, bride, and groom. It gives you not only beautiful clicks but also attractive details on it.

Bride Marriage Photography

8. Flash might do the magic

Flash isn’t a great deal when we talk about raw and unfiltered wedding photography. Yet, one should know that flash doesn’t add much to the pictures. Photographers should have an in-depth knowledge of using the moment in specific locations.

9. Random clicks are the best

Professional wedding photography includes random clicks and capturing beautiful moments. Improve your photography skills and add the real essence of joy to the photographs and make them look as realistic as the present moment. But shooting the extract moments is an art, and a photographer should know how to do that at the right timing.

Couple photography

10. Wedding photo editing

Last but not least, couple photo editing is the essential step in the entire photography process. Clicking raw pictures and then polishing them up with specific tools and technology. It makes the pictures pop out, removes all the blemishes, and corrects an image’s shades.

So, these were a few tips and tricks for amateurs to ace their photography game. There are many elements for a beginner to keep an eye on while capturing the wedding moments and satisfy the bride & the groom with your work.

Once you are done with all the shooting and feel a need to polish the pictures a bit more, try connecting with a wedding photo editing service provider. Similarly, at IIPVAPI, make sure that our customers get the desired outcome with our services like photo retouching, clipping path, etc. We ensure that we deliver the best work to our customers without compromising quality on an affordable budget.