Wedding Photo Editing

Photo Editing Services for Wedding Photographers, Portraits, Model Photographs, etc.

Always stay ahead to deliver the portraits and wedding photos / albums to your customers by speeding up your photo retouching activities. During peak wedding season it becomes difficult to manage the editing of each photos and fine tuning it to make it ready to use for creating wedding albums for your clients.

At IIP, we help to photo studios, photography agencies or wedding photographers with our portraits and wedding photo retouching services which helps them focus on their core activities of photo shoot plus apply their own creativity before delivering the final portraits / wedding photos / albums. We take care of cleaning the photos and making it useful for adding your own taste on photos / albums before you deliver it to your customers. Our expert team is having vide range of experience including Personal Portrait Retouching, Business Portrait Retouching and Head Shot Retouching.

Services we provide for portraits / wedding photo retouching services

IIP is having hands on expertise on doing the post production work and supporting the photo studios / agencies / wedding photographers with services like

  • Correct skin blemishes such as spots or pimples or wrinkles
  • Remove sweat or shine from the skin
  • Remove distracting hairs
  • Eliminate Red Eye
  • Correct the colors of your wedding pictures
  • Adjust the underexposed and overexposed images
  • Remove unwanted objects / people / background
  • Brighten teeth and skin tone

Why IIP services for your Portraits / Wedding Photo Editing Requirements:

IIP team focuses on attention to detail, quick & consistent turnaround time for performing the post processing work for wedding photography and portrait photography. We understand that each of our professional photographer clients, like to have their own taste especially to make the final photo before delivery and hence our experts do the cleaning and retouching of photos and then deliver layered PSD files which they use further to create their own taste.

Key Highlights of IIP Services:

  • Experienced team of 35+ professionals for portraits / wedding photo editing.
  • High-end network infrastructure for quick uploading and downloading
  • 24*7*365 round the clock operations for quick & consistent delivery
  • 3000+ Images delivery capacity within 24 hours
  • Clients from across the globe especially in the countries like Europe, USA, North America, Middle East, Australia and other Asian countries.
  • Simplified and competitive pricing based on work volume

Our process for Portraits & Wedding Photo Retouching Services: