Different Types Of Photoshop Shadow Styles

Types of Shadow Styles to Create Amazing Product Photos

When talking about casting shadows in product images, it gives rise to a lot of questions. A few of which are:

What are product shadows?

What impact do they have on the products images?

Are they essential to implement?

Do they help to build brand reliability?

What kinds of shadows will suit your products?

This article entails a detailed answer to all your questions – a description of all the shadow styles and how they can do wonders to the product images. How they provide aesthetics to your pictures and help you build up your brand loyalty.

Shadows play a significant role in the product images and can make or break a brand image. It is one of the essential image editing requirements for e-commerce and make the images the star of your e-commerce store against its plain and crisp backgrounds.

As an e-commerce business owner, you should have in-depth knowledge about which one to use where, as they can ruin the product appeal to customers if not used rightly.

Overview About Product Shadow

Shadow photography is a way of upgrading your products visually. They make product photography images look poised and professional on your e-commerce store. Natural shadows on a product are the easiest yet the best way to enhance its beauty. It enables the brands to attract real-time customers.

This article has shown you various types of shadow effects and different ways to apply them if you couldn’t capture them.

However, one point to note is that; always use the same shadow style in all your images to maintain consistency. Pick a style and make sure that it matches the category of your product. Also, that it enhances the realism and beauty of it rather than make it look artificial. That way, customers will find the products to be genuine, and brand loyalty will build up.

There are still many advantages of casting product shadows in the images you will discover throughout this article.

Importance of Shadow in Product Images

  1. It gives product images a natural look

    The most beneficial element of casting a shadow in a product image is that it provides a natural look. It gives a realistic look to the images. However, a product image without a shadow might seem artificial or make the product seem like a poster. Hence, make sure you create a soft and realistic shadow adjacent to the products in the images.

  2. Adds beauty to the image

    Creating a shadow effect in the image makes the products look realistic and adds beauty to them. It enables the photos to highlight minute details of the product’s, which eventually attracts customers. You have to make sure that the shadow seems natural and not extra.

  3. Creates contrast and focus

    Shadows play a significant role in adding contrast to the product images. It is one of the essential components of Ecommerce photo editing. They perfectly align with all the colors present in the images, along with the background. They make the products stand out beautifully and make them look pleasing.

    Another benefit that shadow-casting encompasses is that it provides focus on the product. Therefore, the product bulges out of the image, looking appealing to the customers.

  4. A clear idea of product size and shape

    Casting a shadow in the product images makes the product specifications clear for the customers. Shadows are created keeping in mind the shape and size of the product. Thus, making it look more realistic and precise with the natural texture.

    It also helps the customers comprehend the 3D geometry of the product better and in a detailed manner.

    These were some of the benefits that creating a shadow in your product images holds. So, even if you don’t have proper shadows on the product photography, you can create one with the below-mentioned shadow styles.

Types of Product Shadow

Shadows and reflections are used to provide a touch of reality to your product photos. Most e-commerce websites use one or many shadow styles for their product photos. As these products’ images are the only parameters for the viewers to judge the product, it becomes necessary to provide as much reality as one could. The well-illuminated highlights and reflections give a face-lift to your e-commerce website.

Types Of Shadow Effects

Many professional photo editing service providers in the e-commerce domain provide these types of photoshop shadow effects and background removal. This article explains the four significant types of shadow styles used for e-commerce websites.

Natural Shadow

In the photo editing technique to create a natural shadow, the image’s background needs to be removed and replaced with a white background. After that, a shadow of the product is provided, assuming the light is reflected on the product from one particular direction. Hence, it becomes essential to keep the focus of light fixed while photo-editing to maintain the image’s consistency. One can cast a natural shadow of the product by using one light source and a reflector panel. It is to be kept in mind that it is more challenging to create a natural shadow for the products having reflective surfaces by utilizing the light. Most of the appearance of such products is created by photo-editing in which unwanted reflections are discarded. Natural shadows are usually applied to the products like footwear, jewelry, scarves, handbags, etc.

Natural Shadow Styles

It is called natural shadow as it provides a natural look to the image and adds realism to it. Natural shadow is the widely preferred style of companies providing professional photo editing services.

Drop Shadow

Trying a hand at photo editing, you can also go for this drop shadow style to give your product a unique look. Drop shadow is the easiest of all to create and also takes less processing time. It is to be assumed that the light falls on the product directly from the top. They are beneficial while editing smaller objects.

Drop Shadow Effects

Drop shadow is the most subtle shadow of them all. They add a professional touch and depth to your product images. Drop shadows are generally used for furniture photography images. Other than that, it can also be applied in jewelry, handbags, footwear, etc.

Reflection shadow

Reflection shadow creates the viewer’s belief that the image is kept on the reflective surface. It gives a sense of ‘bling-bling’ to the viewers’ eyes and ofetn triggers purchase decisions.

Reflection shadows are more or less dramatic, which makes your products stand out from various other brands. Usually, reflection shadows work the best with products that have a reflective and bright environment. Products such as jewelry and sunglasses need reflection shadows, but simultaneously you have to make sure that you don’t overdo it as the products like these already are shiny visually. Other products that need reflection shadows are handbags, furniture, etc.

Reflection Shadow Styles

Refer to the image below. Here, the image is duplicated, rotated 180 degrees vertically, and aligned with the original image during photo-editing in Photoshop.

Cast shadow

Cast shadow creates an effect in front of the product in the images. It is one of the most creative types of shadows that adds beauty to the products and adds focus. However, it is not suggested to use everywhere, yet it can be used for fashion shoots. It is also advisable to create a lighter shadow to give a more vivid touch to the object. Simultaneously, darker shadows divert the customers’ focus from the products, which can be a concern.

It is very much clear that lighting is the essential element in product photography. Yet shadows have a particular room in the process. To get a good and appealing product image, casting a shadow is extremely important.

It is always advisable to create a shadow style for your product images, no matter which type you prefer. If practiced thoroughly, one can master these photo editing techniques and apply them to their product images. Suppose you wish not to spend time on it. In that case, you can sign up with professional ecommerce photo editing service providers like us, who solely provide services like photo masking, cutout, clipping path, photo editing, restoration, retouching, and many more; for e-commerce domains.

Apart from adding a realistic feel, shadow styles also improve the look of your online web-stores.