Types of Shadow Styles to Create Amazing Product Photos

Shadows and reflections are used to provide a touch of reality to your product photos. Most of the e-commerce websites use one or many shadow styles for their product photos. As images of these products are the only parameters for the viewers to judge the product, it becomes necessary to provide as much reality as one could. A well illuminated highlights and reflections provides a face-lift to your e-commerce website.


Many professional photo editing service providers in the e-commerce domain provide these types of shadow styles along with the background removal. This article explains the three major types of shadow styles used for e-commerce websites.

Natural Shadow

In the photo editing technique to create natural shadow, the background of the image need to be removed and replaced with the white background. After that, a shadow of the product is provided assuming the light is reflected on the product from one particular direction. Hence, it becomes extremely important to keep the direction of light fixed while photo-editing so as to maintain consistency in the image. One can cast a natural shadow of the product by using one light source and a reflector panel. It is to be kept in mind that it is more difficult to create a natural shadow for the products having reflective surfaces by utilizing the light. Most of the appearance of such products is created by photo-editing in which unwanted reflections are discarded.


It is called natural shadow as it provides the natural look to the image and adds realism to it. Natural shadow is the widely preferred style of the companies providing professional photo editing service.

Drop Shadow

Trying a hand on photo editing, you can also go for this drop shadow style so as to give your product a very unique look. Drop shadow is the easiest of all to create and also takes less processing time. It is to be assumed that the light falls on the product directly from the top. They are beneficial while photo-editing smaller objects.



Reflection shadow creates the belief in the mind of the viewer that the image is kept on the reflective surface. It gives a sense of ‘bling-bling’ to the eyes of the viewers and could trigger a decision to purchase the product.

Refer the image below. Here, the image is duplicated, rotated 180 degrees vertically and aligned with the original image during photo-editing in Photoshop.


It is always advisable to create a shadow style for your product images no matter which of the above style you prefer. If practiced thoroughly, one can master these photo editing techniques and could apply on their product images. If you wish not to spend time on it, you can sign up with a professional photo editing service providers like us who solely provide services for the e-commerce domains.

Apart from adding a realistic feel, shadow styles also improves the professional look of your online web-store and your products altogether revamping the shopping experience of the viewers and potential customers and boosting up the sales.