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Do’s and Don’ts for Creating the Best Real Estate Photography

A saying – There is never a second chance to make the first impression!

And this becomes a rock solid truth when it about Real Estate Photography. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) study, 9 of 10 house hunters search online when they initiate their home buying process.

25% admit that online photography of real estate has contributed to the purchase of their present home. Second, only to price, the most important aspect of selling a home or property is – quality real estate photography

According to a study by VHT Studios located in Chicago, homes presented by attractive photographs sell 32 percent faster than those that don’t. Such listings attract even more views, and prospective buyers produce higher CTRs.

Therefore, it’s pretty much clear that creating or an excellent real estate photo editing makes your house sell quicker.

So, to do that, here are some effective Do’s and factual Don’ts for best real estate photography.


  • Take a photography course: If you have made up your mind to click the real estate photos – then its recommended that taking up a photography class or course. This will help you learn the nuances of lightings, steady heady, backgrounds, focuses, flashes etc. Even though if you are not able to click good pictures – getting a free consultation of real estate photo editing experts would surely get you through.
  • Start with the front door or outer view: The enticing front door or exterior view should be a focal point of every real estate photography session. It can set the tone for the rest of the house too. Try taking a picture of the doorway with the door open, because viewers can see themselves entering the room. It’s a small psychological trick – yet effective.
  • Using a tripod: If your hands are shaking, then its becomes very difficult to click good real estate pictures. Hence to counter that – using a tripod while clicking your house pictures to get better photos without having to get specialized equipment like a flash or years of practice.
  • Click the best views: Your buyers might not be much interested in study area or storage rooms, instead show them the beautiful garden room, or the eye-catching gallery view.
  • Capture aerial views: Usage of drones is becoming the new trend in every photographer’s life. Taking a photo from top-view is a great way to show multiple features of your real estate at once – even more so if it is situated next to a natural element that is visually pleasing.
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  • Real Estate photo enhancement: You’ve clicked some fantastic pictures of your house, yet you might get a feeling of ‘something is missing.’ That’s because the real estate photo enhancement process is required, which brings your real estate photos to life. Lens distortion removal, Flash reflection removal, Tone adjustment, White balancing are some examples of enhancements.
  • Eliminate unwanted items: Try to make your picture eye-soothing by removing trash bin, arranging furniture in an aligned manner, etc. Remove platter soaps, sponges, towels and everything else around the sink for the kitchen photography
  • Do the seasonal photoshoot: If you’re listing your house during a summer day, try to click some pictures of the backyard during a sunny day.
  • Invest in a Wide-angle Lens: Using a wide-angle camera lens allows for wider shots – that offer a more in-depth and detailed look.
  • Night shots are must: Yes, night photos with beautiful lightings adds the cherry on top to real estate photography. Photos of the exterior during the night will create the perfect amount of contrast to make your images stand out. The key is to leave the interior and exterior lights of your home ON while you are taking the photo.
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  • Do basic editing: Real estate photo editing is not that easy it may seem. However, basic editing, such as adjusting brightness, contrast, highlights, etc. can be quickly done by photo editing apps. But it is recommended to do the real estate photo editing by professional editors or photo retouching services providers to make it more sellable.

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Now, you got the idea of the effective Do’s for the best real estate photography – its time to understand the Don’t or common mistakes during real estate photography sessions.


  • Avoid shooting from one angle: Clicking multiple photos of the same area with the same angle is useless. Try moving forward/backward or changing the camera position would help.
  • Don’t do aggressive photo edit: Real estate photo editing is not the same as personal photo edit. It’s way more different than that, so you either edit what is needed or get in touch with someone who offers photo retouching services.
  • Don’t include neighbor: If you want to sell an apartment/flat, then often seller make this mistake while taking pictures of room/kitchen/bathroom which has a neighbor wall or window in the frame. It’s not ideal for real estate photography, so pull the blinds, cover up that part or change the angle of your shooting.
  • Don’t upload messy pictures: This includes your bed-room, dining area, and bathroom – A messy bed is never going to look good in your shot so make sure your bed covers are straightened, your sheets tucked and your pillows aligned. Also, ensure the dining furniture are into even lines to make the picture look streamlined and cleaner. For this, the real estate photo editing team would not be able to make it look better.
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  • Don’t go for local edits: Many seller go to the local photo editors for real estate photo enhancement. This is a common mistake that many sellers make while real estate photo editing. It is recommended to hire professional that deals specifically with real estate photo editing. As the local ones might be good for wedding and events photo edits – but not for the real estate photo editing.

The Endings

Real estate photography is a far more complicated thing than the usual pictures we click via a phone camera.

An experienced real estate photo editing company will help you go a long way and make selling your real estate easier with the use of enhanced photo editing skills.

Get in touch with our experts because it is what drives us to deliver quality photos to you.