Stand-out with Your Photography in The Digital Age

It’s an age of Social Networks and they dominate today’s world that we are living in. Due to lack of boundaries in the communication protocols, Digital Visuals are getting the level of preference in day to day contents. As Pictures easily speak more than words, cameras are becoming essential part of our life and Photography is getting more and more accessible day by day. Apps like Instagram, EyeEM, Twitter and Facebook brings the best photographer in us using just cameras in our mobiles. Fifty years back having a portrait was a luxury that human beings used to face once or twice in their life span. Having a camera at home was reserved only for people belonging to the Rich Class.

Within the last decade, we have seen Great Cameras fitting inside our phones. We can carry them everywhere in our pocket. We can capture any moment whenever we want it. There are a multitude of different streams of Photography subjects we have started seeing like Selfie, Food Photography, beach, Sports and Street and many more. These streams were not even imagined by our generations just 10 years back.

Apart from being loaded with a camera at point of time a new photographer also gets access to a whole lot of photo editing applications. So it’s easy for them to get beautifully crafted effects using these tools. A previous generation Photographer had to do a lot of hard work in achieving those effects. These types of art work needed so many hours of hard work in dark rooms half a century ago.


Now Photography, as a domain has easy returns, so do we have any space left for actual professional photographers? Is there anything left to learn? Do we need professional Photo Editing services? The Answer is yes. We need real photographers and professional photo editing far more than ever before.

Professional Skills can’t be replaced even by the, cutting edge technologies:


It’s essential to know about, actual aim and goal of these High End technologies that we use in Photography and Photo Editing. Everyone will agree that to maximise the potential of any technology, we actually need to understand its manual working of that process. This knowledge will not only help us to use it, but also calibrate its uses and have a higher level of control. This also awards a sense of ownership in the results we produce. A Learned professional can really land up magic on the portraits, while photo artists are well versed with colour compositions and about all the filters which composition suits what scenarios.

The requirement of visually rich, high resolution Images has grown significantly in a recent time. The introduction of HTML 5 in websites and “Digital User Interfaces” are depending a lot on the Images used in it. These attractive large Images constitute almost 70% of the web and the good look brings better business in every domain. Images are the back bone of these websites, and the brand itself.

If we compare the photography of a Professional Photographer and a “Normal Person with an SLR Camera” the gap in the quality can be clearly seen. A Photographer is an artist who captures the moment of time. He has the necessary skills to identify what is needed in a “Photograph” to be brilliant. This is the reason for which we still hire professional photographers for various, events as they are the subject matter experts. Every Photographer has his/her own artistic vision and an ability to speak out through captured images.


Every Artist has a unique style of Expressions in his or her Photography, but we are putting forward some ideas which you may use to pursue your own unique style:

Improvise your own knowledge and skills

Even if you have spent a good amount of time in the industry, but there are certain skills for which you can consider professional guidance. You are well versed with the skills as you are self taught but it’s time to fill in the gaps. Learn from Industry veterans the things you missed during training yourself. Even a lot can be done on the images once captured. There is a plethora of tools available to improve the images. You can learn these tools. One more option you can consider otherwise is to outsource these photo editing tasks to other service providers and focus more on the creative aspects. There are plenty of service providers throughout the world who are quite skill full, professional and cost effective. Just make sure about the turnaround time and team size of these Service providers.

Focus more on moulding your skills towards what’s required

You may have noticed Stock Photography is a quite lucrative business. But when the web masters or the content creators review the stock images they find them quite dull and irrelevant to the tags they are associated with. It’s important to align the soul of photography with the subject on which Photography is done. It’s necessary to identify the relevancy and bringing more taste on the Pictures we capture. Now we also need to align our choice of subject with the one which are specific and rare, to bring better earnings. Try to connect with various designing houses that frequently look for tasteful photographs. You fulfilling their necessity will let them have confidence and give you more business. Professional Photo editing services may come handy in such scenarios as well. These digital skills can very well fill in the gaps between your photography and your end client’s requirement.


Consider marketing your skills

After you have carved a niche space for yourself all you need to market yourself. Focus on branding your skills. Be ready with a website for your portfolio and emphasize your signature style. Identifying your style will help you identify your target audience. Give a clear picture to your clients about the tools and devices you use. Let them know what their advantages are? And how you can bring the best out of them. Have an active communication channel set up with these agencies and clients of yours. Make sure you and your Photo Editing Service Provider deliver the images in time and as per the requirement.

Accurate Pricing

Never over or under value your own services. Make sure you and your Off Shore Photo Editing Service Provider maintain high quality and quick turnaround time. This will help you charge consistent pricing and also raise it at regular intervals to grow your operations. However, make sure your clients get better when they engage you.

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran, these above tips hold firm for each business case. It’s all about learning the new essential skills and working with right partners (Photo Editing Service Providers). The timely, improvisation will let you shine in your business domain. Things will be different in every decade but it’s your skills which will remain consistent if you improvise your operations time to time