Getting perfect Shopify Image Sizes to attract online consumers

Getting perfect Shopify Image Sizes to attract online consumers

When we talk about online shopping, the first thing that pops into our mind is the visual images of products. Product photo editing is one of the vital factors for making an online user click the buy button.

As and when online selling is discussed, Shopify, the best eCommerce platform,¬ wins at the end.

In this article, you’ll learn how to create or get a perfect product image size and some product photo editing tips to enhance your Shopify store.

Let’s begin!

What’s the image size requirement for Shopify?

What’s the image size requirement for Shopify?

Image quality, loading times, business requirements, zooming flexibility, etc. are the criteria you need to note to choose the perfect Shopify product image & file forms. Mainly, you need to pay attention to correct Shopify image requirements when dealing with mobile for a better user experience.

The default Shopify product image size is 4472 x 4472 pixels, which can be up to 20 MB in a .JPG file. For the square product image, 2048×2048 pixel is recommended. This image size provides an outstanding balance between high quality and significant compression for fast site loading speed.

The most common Shopify image file format is PNGs. However, slightly higher image quality with large file sizes can impact your overall site performance.

Product image size also depends on the Shopify theme that you choose to use for your eCommerce store. Some themes are designed in such a way that by default, the product images are set to large size and vice versa. Hence it would help if you researched a bit on different types of themes offered by Shopify.

Shopify renders any large images uploaded to its stores slightly compressed. But this does not provide consumers with control over the details and is an unacceptable option for multichannel sellers. Instead, a compressor tool can be used, and a quality setting of anywhere between 65 and 85 can be selected. Alternatively, from the Shopify app store, you can try this Shopify image resizer and optimizer tool, which allows you to compress and resize your Shopify photos simultaneously. However, with these tools you can only compress ten images per month.

And if your business is experiencing a great boom, then an outsourced photo editing service would be a better option for all your eCommerce photo editing needs.

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Selecting the various types of Shopify Images

Basically, there are 3 different types of Shopify image :

  1. Slideshow image
  2. Collection image
  3. Product image

Slideshow image:Some Shopify themes have the option to show slideshows images. Whenever online visitors come to your eCommerce store, you want them to target by displaying the best product photos in little time. Thus in such cases, slideshows images work best if your goal is to show all of your store’s best product images quickly.


The difference can be made by a little trick in product photography and a fantastic eCommerce photo editing that makes visitors tempted to purchase the product. For a quality picture, you do not always need a large image size. A little and smart tweak in product photos will do the job.

Collection image:Shopify collection image type displays multiple product images in a single image. Hence that one image size is dependent on the product photo.

shopify collection image

In this type, one needs to maintain a uniformity of colors and product selection; otherwise, the whole image’s tidiness might get affected.

Product image: The main factor in increasing your online sales is the image of the product. You need to use a professional photo obtained with the photography of the white background product. The best opportunity to make your product photo unique is a transparent, clear backdrop.

shopify Product Image

You can select clipping path services & Context Removal to fix your background issues. Fixing the irritating context and offering an iconic one is a total solution. But if you do not know about product photo editing, then hiring a professional photo editing team would be the best option.

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Effective tips for your Shopify store images

  1. Keep the image height-to-width ratios consistent, especially when it comes to the Shopify eCommerce platform. It will keep your store look nice and safe, with no tripping over any loose pieces.
  2. Whenever you upload an image on your online store, always check it from your mobile phone, as nowadays, most of the users do online shopping from their mobile phones. For better result, square images are recommended.
  3. To find out the best Shopify product image size & formats, you must read the theme guidelines. JPG is the most popular Shopify image format. GIF, TIFF & BMP can also be used.
  4. Keep trying different image sizes and then select the one that best fits your Shopify store and theme. After you’ve worked them out, write down the picture sizes that are suitable for your shop. Then you will let them know in advance what you need if you bring in professional photographers for your goods. This will save you a lot of time.


Shopify being the best eCommerce platform – have some strict guidelines regarding the image sizes. Therefore for significant sales and making your online store popular among the target audience, you need to know about eCommerce photo editing.

However, if you don’t want to spend the time in photo editing or resizing the product image for Shopify or any ecommerce platform – IIPVAPI can help you. IIPVAPI is a professional photo editing company that assists startups and enterprises with all their photo editing requirements to boost online sales. Get in touch with us.