Rendezvous your Visitors this Holiday Season to your eCommerce Store

Holiday season is just around the corner – it’s time to welcome the rush and double the sale. As the slow season draws down and the busiest time is approaching quickly, one question which is enduring all brands owner must answer: are they ready for the Holiday season? For most store owners it’s going to resound “not yet,” which strangely means that there is no better time than to start now.

About 46% of holiday browsing and buying will take place online – Hubspot

Apparently, as an e-Commerce owner, you don’t want to lose the promotional opportunities, sales, revenue especially in front of the competitor who may have started the preparation already. If you haven’t started planning out your holiday campaigns yet, then time may be running out. To start with the activities first thing comes first which is visualization. In E-commerce one of the well-known facts is that product images which are attractive attract buyer initially. Your product images should be elegant enough. There are certain principles which have to be followed to stand out in e-commerce market when it comes to product images. Here are not to miss tips and tricks for this Holiday season.

Rendezvous your Visitors this Holiday Season to your eCommerce Store

Tips and Tricks for Making your eCommerce Website Holiday Ready:

Get the Right Photography Equipment

You need to possess a good camera and a proper lighting equipment. If you have a DSLR then do not forget your additional gears like tripod stand, lighting stand and much more. To stabilize your DSLR without having trouble and to avoid shaky pictures you need to have a tripod stand. Also, you can use a timer remote or a shutter release trigger to capture photos without hurdle.

Here are few important points to keep in mind while shooting with DSLR:

  • Using wide angle lens may distort your product image.
  • Right aperture is important for having the perfect shot. For keeping image crisp and precise in focus it is advisable f8 or f11 that will give you a wider depth field.
  • Maintain the accuracy of white balance while shooting.


Perfecting your Photography Lighting

Before setting up your shot, you need to figure out what kind of background you need for your product and lighting along with the setting. Lighting depends on what kind of product you need to showcase and which kind of theme you need to carry out in it. Considering the colors in products followed by its shape will make a convincing portrayal. Generally, two lights are essential for focusing on particular product, you will need at least two of it. Make sure that the light bulbs are identical.


Rinse & Repeat

Getting multiple angles shot is essential for your e-Commerce store. Portraying product in every different angle gives the clear and detail picture to your visitors which probably converts them into buyers. Make the availability of a couple of additional setups, to try each product and get the best possible combination. Click a set of primary product photos with the initial set up. Once you are done with it remove the camera from the tripod to click various angles and close ups. The Rinse & Repeat formula is one of the quirkiest ways to get the best visualization.


Edit your Results

Once everything is done then there is an editing part which clears the dust out of the image. There could be many minor things which are been captured wrong for e.g. lighting or background – a software can help you with this, but for that, you need to have years of practice. For basic editing no doubt the software may help you, but when talking about holiday season it’s a big picture avoiding such part could make a great loss so it’s better to left something in the hands of professionals. It is advisable to approach photo editing professionals for such tedious job.


Check out How IIPVapi can make your e-Commerce Holiday Ready

At IIPVapi we have experienced photo editors who can work for you round the clock. With the 10+ years and the In-house team, we are able to deliver the Overnight delivery as per your expectations. Don’t worry about the Holidays which can break your workflow. IIPVapi is dedicated towards their clients and commitments. We have worked with many eCommerce stores which include electronics, Home & Kitchen Appliances, sports products, fashion apparels, jewelry, furniture and more. Contact us to know more and have a wonderful holiday.

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