10 Real Estate Photography Tips and Mistakes

10 Real Estate Photography Tips and Mistakes

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High-quality photos in the real estate business translate into more leads and more sales. It is an industry where each picture is worth a thousand dollars and quite literally thousands of dollars. It is the job of the photographer to present the space to be captured in the best possible way, and even though proper equipment is a pre-requisite, sometimes it comes down to those minute trick-of the-trade that really make a difference. Real estate photo editing is prevalent in the industry today. With photo retouching services, you can get your shot fine-tuned to the point of perfection. That being said, every photographer has a unique style, and to complement that uniqueness, here are 10 real estate photography tips to follow and mistakes to avoid.

1. Don’t forget your tripod

Don’t forget your tripod

Whether you want to try out the latest HDR techniques or just want a steady shot, you would need a tripod. This might seem very basic, yet a tripod is one of the most important tools of a photographer given that tripods allow you to shoot images in natural light at low shutter speeds without the image getting blurry. With professional real estate image editors working on your shot, you can rest assured that the end product will be pure brilliance.

2. Carry more than one flash

Portable lights are sure to come in handy in your real estate photography assignment. Most professionals carry more than two flashes to get the best out of their photos. One flash would work well for a small room, but for larger spaces like kitchens or living rooms, you would require at least two or more lights. Professionally carried out, Real estate photo enhancement can accentuate your lighting arrangement, giving your hard work its due.

3. Bring light stands

One of the biggest real estate photography mistakes is not carrying light stands. Three-point lighting captures space beautifully if the lights are placed correctly. By being able to change the position of your light sources with light stands, you can avoid flash shadows that might show up in your image turn it from a great photograph to one that is barely average. For that extra dose of oomph, you could

4. Invest in a wide-angle lens

Potential buyers would appreciate the best visual description of the space in question, and that is where a wide-angle lens steps in. While using a fisheye lens can be misconstrued as deception, a decently wide lens has the ability to capture the space in natural proportions similar to how the human eye sees it.

5. Emphasize the property’s features

Emphasize the property’s features

This is a no brainer, and yet many photographers get so lost in the artistic renditions of the space to be photographed, that they forget to emphasize the actual features of the property. Does the property have a carved door, brass accents on its doorknobs? Or a video door phone/ Don’t forget to capture these conveniences as potential buyers will need these added trinkets while making their purchase choice.

6. Optimize angles

Optimize angles

For a potential buyer to get the right feel of the property, as a photographer, you must take advantage of all available angels. An ants eye view of a room with imposing furniture would accentuate the décor while more eye-level shots are s8uggested for spaces with modern décor. Remember that a photographer’s eyes and feet are his best tools. Changing your position a little to get a better angle can make all the difference.

7. The Golden time

The Golden time

If you have been tasked with taking photographs of the exteriors of the property, along with mid-morning shots, we also suggest including a couple of pictures taken at dusk. Not only does this display the lighting of the property, but it also gives the potential buyer a representation of what his/her evenings are going to be like.

8. Use editing to your advantage

Real estate photo editing is not a new concept. Your shots are good; agreed. But a little editing can go a long way. You can choose to do your real estate photo enhancement yourself, or if you want a finer, more professional touch, you can outsource your real estate photo editing to a post-processing editing partner. This way, you can concentrate on taking the perfect shot while your real estate photo editing partner makes every shot of yours perfect.

9. Pay attention to distortion

Another common real estate photography mistake is not paying attention to distortions that might have crept into your image. As a photographer, you must ensure that the real estate pictures you take are images that should be identical to the view a potential buyer would have while walking through the property. Make sure that there is no distortion on the vertical lines of your snap.

10. Enlist the right photo retouching services

Photo retouching can elevate your photographs. Done professionally, it can turn simple everyday shots into masterpieces. From noise removal to sky replacement, photo retouching can genuinely make your photographs stand out from the competition.

Location, price, and timing are the three main drivers of the real estate industry. Done right, real estate photography can prove to be an extremely lucrative business. However, many photographers fall short of the mark merely because they did not consider post-processing, one of the most common real estate photography mistakes.

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