Potent Product Photography Tricks – 2017

Sweet sixteen of 20’s is over, and the mature 17 has knocked our door. As an e-commerce store owner, the first question which must be circling in your mind is that:

– What better and how far can I take my business ahead in 2017?

So if you want to grow the business over the next 12 months, you can’t apply the same strategies or methods which you’ve been using. Possibly many of the strategies you can take with you in 2017 but the need of revision, new ideas and involvement should also be there simultaneously.

Waiting and sitting to keep an eye of hope from the end of the holiday season is something which is not advisable because by the time it will end, there are possible chances that your competitors already have finalized new strategies & you’ll be left crumbling upon to catch them up.

We still got time to make the brighter rise of e-commerce store – Get Strong – See ahead the land – Plan – think – Act. Because you still got time in hand.

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So giving a kick start to the bash of 2017 herewith I would like to share one of the most important aspects to consider “Product Photography.” Statistics show that 9.46% product images directly correlate the increase in sale reported by E-commerce business owners and that’s huge.

Here are the excellent product photography tricks which will rendezvous your business in 2017. Stay connected with us to catch some more action in future.

Product Photography Tips to Amplify E-commerce Business in 2017

Prefer Tethered Shooting

Tethered setup helps the cameramen to view the image instantly on the computer screen. If you are using the latest model of camera, then it has the tethering software already installed. Three techniques can be used for tethered shooting are, USB Cable, WiFi, and Bluetooth. Choose any of the techniques that suit you, and you are comfortable with. Perfection matters, and it is a time-saving technique to get it done through the fast feedbacks.


Use Flat Backgrounds

Flat backgrounds push the products to look attentive. Mostly in the flat horizons, the products are highlighted that grab a viewers’ attention quickly. Make the set ready using plain and simple background. White and off-white papers or curtain are greatly preferred. White color highlights any product to look bright and hence, it makes an excellent choice to have a flat white background for product photo-shoot.


Use a Fill Light or Reflector

Lighting and shadows must be managed evenly while clicking the products. Make use of fill light to lighten the dark shadows. Make a setup with a reflector, or you can use the white cards to create a fill light effect. If too much lighting is disappointing, then try to diffuse it and change the set-ups by the time. You can choose the different time to shoot to overcome this issue as well.


Fill the acoustic light into your product dig now how to make the right use of it

Focus on Lighting

Perfect lighting is an essential element while talking about the photography tips. The photographers use two options either natural lighting or an artificial lighting. If you are not supposed to invest extra in product photography, then smartly use the natural lights. Set the proper background using white poster board or a paper board and make a perfect set up where the product can seat. Put the light clamps in a way that spotlight the product nicely.


Capture Each Angle

It’s pretty much obvious that when buyer land to your site than he/she will observe products from all the possible angles. So, clicking many options by changing the sides and angles continuously becomes vital. Make sure that not a single corner is left over to be covered in the photograph. Customer must be able to view it precisely from each angle. So, provide them the photos from all sides, while you are supposed to upload on the online business store.


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3D & 360-degree Product Photography

Specifically for the products to be sold online, the 3D & 360-degree product photography trick is trending. It handily offers more visual information to the users. Rather than uploading separate images from each side, providing 3D & 360 degrees is the trendy way to represent your product in the online store.


Click the Close-Ups

The photographer must click the close-up photographs for facilitating shoppers to review them closely. Specifically, when the products are apparels or of home decoration, close-up photos help buyers to have a clear idea of the material used, print and color.


Remove Unwanted Elements

Many of the time it happens while capturing the image of particular product no doubt the photographers catch the needed image, but along with that some unwanted objects also come up with it. And these are the small-small things which can’t be ignored while clicking. So once the product photography is done the need for clean background emerges & so the removal of blemishes too. Photo editing is the only way which can give you the high jump to represent your product in a better way. Professional photo editors and company can be your partner to get rid of this nightmare.

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Final Touch

Before making the product live on the online store, the final touch is crucial. It adds an extra finishing to enhance the photos. Even the small mistakes overlooked at the time of the shooting can be recovered at this stage. It can be anything like changing background, clipping, cropping or setting an alignment of the product. Don’t worry if you are unable to manage a proper setup. Photo editing artists are amazing in their skills. They can assist you to make a final e-commerce friendly version by making necessary changes.


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