Image Stitching Services


Picture stitching and editing services for creating Virtual Tours, 360 degree panorama

Focus more on your core skills of doing photo-shoots for your real estate property assignments or creating a virtual tour for Google Maps and its Street View facilities.

At IIP, we do your back office post production work on your assignments of virtual tours creation and set you free from your overheads of managing team with fluctuating and seasonal work volumes, with utmost quality control and operational efficiency.

Services we cater for 360 Degree Panorama for On-line Maps

IIP is having hands on expertise on doing the post production work for the various online maps and understand the processes, terminology and complete nitty-gritties to get the tour published.

  • Photography stitching into horizontal/vertical for seamless 360 degree view
  • Matching the positioning of the panoramas
  • Defining navigation of the business tour
  • Blurring faces in the panorama
  • Removing unwanted parts in the panorama
  • Enhancing or sharpening the panorama
  • Blurring car number plates & signboards
  • Adjusting constellation corresponds to navigation

Services we cater for 180 Degree and 360 Degree Tours:

Retouching, Panorama Stitching and Blending of Images

  • Image filtering, cropping and rotating
  • Full view stitching and adjusting the horizontal and vertical photographs
  • Process barrel and circular bracketed exposure
  • Removing the spots, shadows and other unwanted objects
  • Fine-tuning the curves and levels
  • Editing the contrast and brightness
  • Eliminating the switchboards and wires
  • Wrapping, aligning and positioning correctly
  • Modifying the colours or adding depth to the images

Software tools we use

  • Easy Pano (Compatible with HTML5 & CSS3 browsers, include IE10.0, Chrome21.0, Safari5.0 or later version. Supports iPhone, iPad, Android 4.x smart phone devices)

Why IIP services for your 360 Degree Panorama & Virtual Tours requirements:

IIP team has been the backbone for our client due to our attention to detail, quick & consistent turnaround time. We value your commitments to your customers to deliver final outputs and we give our best to meet with your deadlines, every time. The key differentiation of IIP team is that we are flexible and open to adopt new software tools. It helps us in photoshop panorama stitching and also fits with your regular post-production process.

Key Highlights of IIP Services:

  • Experienced team of 30+ professionals for 360 Degree Panorama & Virtual Tours
  • High-end network infrastructure for quick uploading and downloading
  • 24*7*365 round the clock operations for quick & consistent delivery
  • 1000+ panorama photo editing capacity within 24 hours
  • 100+ tours delivery capacity within 24 hours for online maps
  • Simplified and competitive pricing based on work volume