Photo Retouching 7 Benefits of Overseas Outsourcing

Photo Retouching: 7 Benefits of Overseas Outsourcing

Today, all online marketing and sales rely on high-quality images. Every customer makes up their mind whether or not to go ahead with a purchase based on the displayed product images.
The better the quality of the images, the higher the chances that the product would appeal to a customer. However, raw images don’t always come out with the desired due to technical or even human errors. Hence they require high-end photo retouching.

Now, if you wish to retouch your commercial images yourself, achieving the desired quality will be difficult. If, on the other hand, you get your photo retouching done by an in-house team, be ready to shell out big money. To deal with this conundrum, here is where Outsourced photo retouching services come into play.

Benefits of outsourced photo retouching services-

1. Cost-effectiveness

The first benefit of outsourced photo retouching services is minimized cost. The pay scale of outsourced employees is a lot less than the cost of having an in-house team. The same work done by a team in the US can be completed by an overseas photo retouching partner at a fraction of the cost.


Assigning your photo retouching to an outsourced partner can enable your company to save a massive amount of money.

2. Optimal Quality

A great advantage of Outsourcing your photo retouching services is that you will never have to compromise on quality. IIPVAPI has vetted experience in the photo processing domain and has continually provided companies across the globe with avant-garde professional photo retouching services without charging an exorbitant amount.

Optimal Quality

3. Minimizes Investment

Every company wishes to minimize investment and maximize profits. Outsourced photo retouching services help your company achieve profits with minimal investments. When you outsource photo editing, you do not have to worry about infrastructure costs. The onus of providing professional photo retouching services is on the overseas outsourcing partner.

4. Cost-Reduction on Training and Recruitment

Execution of photo retouching on-site means that you have to recruit and train an entire team. In addition to that cost, you will also be obligated to pay them salaries based on your country’s living standards. If you recruit experienced professionals, what you save on training costs adds up in their salaries. However, if you outsource photo editing, neither do you have to pay for training or hefty salaries, thus reducing your operational costs.

5. 24/7 Functioning

247 Functioning

Most outsourcing companies providing photo retouching services function around the clock. This is a great advantage as an overseas company will work on your images overnight and send you the deliverable on the following day. We at IIPVAPI have a 12 hour turnaround time no matter what the volume of the project is.

6. Reduced Work Fluctuation

Companies in the first world face a lot of work fluctuation, i.e., they might work in full swing on one day and take a pause the next day because of festivals and occasions that keep popping up., not to mention the five-day workweek. If you outsource photo retouching, you can rest assured that your overseas partner will work around the clock and all through the week, given that their professionals work in shifts, thus reducing work fluctuation.

7. Risk Regulation

Another major benefit of outsourcing photo retouching services is reduced risk. In the case of a natural calamity or a technical glitch that might hinder your work, your overseas partner will continue to work ceaselessly on your project. This you can protect your company from risk and financial loss.

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In Conclusion

If you are a photographer, an e-store owner, an advertising company, a magazine publisher, a fashion designer, or any other enterprise that requires professional photo retouching for your images, it makes the most sense to outsource photo editing projects. From cost-effectiveness to fast turnaround times to brilliant quality, we have you covered.

IIPVAPI is a leading photo retouching company with over a decade of experience. Our photo retouching costs are incredibly competitive, and coupled with the quality of our output, you have clinched the deal.

We pride ourselves in understanding and fulfilling your requirements with a tight adherence to deadlines and quality standards. If you too are sitting on a heap of unprocessed images and are looking for an optimal and cost-effective partner to outsource photo editing to, then we at IIPVAPI would be happy to provide you with our services.

Want to know more about how we can bring down your photo retouching cost with our professional photo retouching services? Drop us a line!