Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration: Make your Damaged and Faded Photographs Look Picture Perfect

“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.”

Photographs are not just pictures, they are a precious piece of our wonderful past memories. However, old photographs belongs from the sixties or seventies are generally damaged and torn. Using photo restoration technique, it is possible to repair damaged photographs and make them like new and original one. Restore old photos of individual, family, institutes, museums, historical places, etc. by applying professional photo editing services and advanced equipment.


Photo Restoration Services Involve:

  • Adjustment on contrast, sharpness, and brightness
  • Retouch of faded colors, glows and distortions
  • Elimination of dirt, stains, spots fold mark and scratches
  • Convert black and white for a dramatic effect
  • Recreating/repairing missing objects of photos
  • Removing red eye, bad shadows, and unwanted objects
  • Sharpening blurry image

Employing the digital technologies for photo retouching, pictures became more attractive, appealing and effective than older one. The professional photo editing service provider companies offer a digital copy of the restored image. They return the original file via mail and deliver a high-resolution file of retouched photo that is ready to print. Restoration of faded pictures also involves retouching, manipulation and enhancement to make them look like natural one.

Photo Restoration

Restored photos can be used in scrapbook, family photo frame, etc. Restoration of old faded photos requires comprehensive photo retouching and scanning to repair and enhance photo with color corrections. Using advanced tools and technologies of photo editing, it is possible to enhance the photos with high resolution and the great level of quality.

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