Mastering Ghost Mannequin Photography for Your Online Apparel Sales: Part II

In Mastering Ghost Mannequin Photography for Your Online Apparel Sales – Part I, we discussed the settings & specifications for shooting the product images of apparels. In Part – II we will continue our endeavor in achieving this magical effect called Ghost Mannequin effect. The next aspect is one of the most important aspect in mastering this technique and it involves a meticulous photo editing in Photoshop. A detailed start to finish guide is mentioned below which will help you in getting a hands on experience in photo editing to create the subliminal effect on the customers.

4. Photo Editing Processes

Now that you have the product photographs ready to work upon to create the ghost mannequin effect, you will need to do the post processing in Photoshop to create the magic.

(I) Upload to Photoshop

Open the files in Photoshop and create a copy of the original image in a new layer so as to follow the non-destructive photo-editing technique which will enable us to go back to the original if anything goes wrong while photo-editing.

(II) Cutting down the areas

This step helps you get to the best of your Ghost Mannequin effect. Now that you are ready with the layers, we will be removing parts of the neck and arms of the mannequin as well as the parts of the background which are not white. You can select the pen tool or polygonal lasso tool. Zoom into the image as close as you can and start trimming areas closely eliminating whole of the background and the mannequin giving the output as below:


(III) Adding white background

So as to make your product float freely on the white background, you will need to put the above image in a new background. Create a new layer and paint white color by selecting ‘paint bucket tool’ making the foreground color white and put the new layer below your garment layer. You will have something like this:


(IV) Editing the inside-out photograph

Import the back-side image into the Photoshop and cut a rectangular part of the back-neck and remove the traces of mannequin using the Lasso tool as explained above to implement the Ghost Mannequin effect.


(V) Pasting back with the front

Create a new layer of the above image and name it as per your convenience. Do note that, this layer shall be kept in between the layer of the front image and the white background. Now resize the back-neck image such that it fits with the front image and then trim down the unwanted areas using Lasso tool. You can resize the back neck image using the free transform tool giving the image as below:


(VI) Adding shadow to make it look realistic

As a final touch-up for Ghost Mannequin effect, add a new shadow layer between the two layers to give a final image as below. Just make sure to save the files with layers so as to make changes later if you want before flattening the layers. You can flatten layer by going to Flatten image option in the layer menu.


Once you have hands-on experience of trying the above photo-editing steps to attaining the above effect, you can try these with different garments of your choice so as to master the technique.