Mastering Ghost Mannequin Photography for Your Online Apparel Sales: Part I

As we witness the number of online apparel stores is increasing day by day and they are becoming more and more dependent on top quality product images. In case of apparel, the product images are best captured using ghost mannequins and it has become extremely popular with Clothing and Fashion industry. As apparels represent style, these product images should be represented in the cleanest way possible and should be able to appeal instantly. Ghost mannequin is the mixture of both meticulous photography and up to the mark photo editing. It allows the customer to analyze the apparel and understand the finesse and craft-work inside out. Scroll through the points below in the same order to grip the important aspects of ghost mannequin photography.


1. Mannequins

The first step towards achieving a better result is to have a good quality mannequin. Yes, the quality of the mannequin also plays important role in achieving top quality product photograph. We could see its advantages while photo editing. It is advisable to get a white mannequin made out of non-reflecting material so as to remove the possibilities of reflections. By using a white mannequin, it becomes easier in photo editing cut-out process as it blends with the white background.

2. Getting Ready

While photographing an apparel on a mannequin, always make sure to have the clothes which are best fitted to the mannequin. And yes, if you don’t have a fitting apparel, make sure to tailor one. If you are photographing a sleeveless apparels, it is advisable to photograph the product on a mannequin with no limbs and vice-versa to the full sleeve clothes.

3. Photography

As explained in our previous article, 10 ways to improve your product photography, you need to have all the equipment and studio settings ready before photographing the apparels. In fact, more meticulous arrangements are needed as we are to showcase a product belonging to fashion and style so as to make the photo editing process easier.

While photographing the apparels, always make use of the tripod with the standard height settings for all the similar products so as to maintain consistency on the final images which further could reduce down the post processing efforts.

Once you are ready with the studio settings, you will need to take two photographs of the garments as below:

(I) Front of the Garment
(II) Back of the Garment turned inside out


Please be sure to have the background at least 2 stops brighter than the front so as the backdrop is blown out.

Getting all the equipments & studio settings ready along with photographing the front and the back image will ask for some amount of practice but once you develop a habit, the set up time shall reduce.

What to look forward to!

In part- II we will cover how photo editing helps you to make an effective product presentation of your apparels.