Make a Wonder – Footwear Photography for eCommerce Store

Photographs are the first of the few instruments that can be used to impress a prospective buyer and thus it becomes utmost necessary to get the best possible snaps of your products. A number of snapshots from various angles and distances, in different flashes of lightning and backgrounds, different camera settings increases your chances of converting prospects into actual customers.

Getting an e-commerce footwear photographs is a distinctively challenging task. With the smaller size and look which you need to cover from different angles. As a result, it has its own set of do’s and donts.

Props and styling can be helpful, but the trick of the trade is to keep it as simple as possible. The tips which follow are just basics, to begin with, but useful enough to come up with eye-catching photos of your footwear products for an e-commerce store.

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Mark a Best Foot Forward – Factors to be Taken Care for Footwear Photography:

Multiple Angles

There are many different angles that you can shoot, but the best and the clear angle is the side angle. The shot which you take as a side shot should be at eye-level height. If you are taking a side shot, make sure the top of the shoe shouldn’t be available but the silhouette should be clear. There are various other views which are possible, such as back view, a top view, and the footwear turned slightly to the left. Last but not the least, do not clutter the background as including other objects can be distracting.



Lighting is one of the most important factors in product photography. Lighting must be apt or else the product will not look attractive to your customers. Direct and harsh lighting which cause deep shadows is worst for product photography. It is advisable to make use of natural lighting by clicking photographs next to a large window with natural light streaming in. Indeed it’s the vital point where you can’t afford to mess with it – there’s an absolute need for appropriate lighting, or else colors will be warp apart.



The background must be of a color that doesn’t clash with the footwear. If it is a light-colored footwear, find a darker contrasting color. Try to avoid backgrounds with objects that obstruct the shoe like trees, lamp posts, and barrier and so on. The cluttered background is a disaster in product photography, as it would distract a customer from the product. In order to draw maximum attention towards the products, keep everything in frame – neat and clean.


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Details and Texture

A product image is considered impressive when it gets the attention of the viewers. Considering the use of details and texture this can be done elegantly with products. Details may include color or the shape of the product. The light can make a huge impact on how the texture appears. However, one needs to be viable careful with some details as extreme close up shots of them can even spoil the detailing of the product.


Post Processing Needs

Once you are done with everything editing is essential nowadays. To identify the gray areas, upload the photos and have a close look on each photograph. If the colors are not up to the mark then it needs an editing, for getting desired results. Post processing image is a vital need, these days your work is incomplete without it. Post processing with online tools needs time and expertise along with that you wouldn’t be able to achieve the precise work which is desired by your mind so it’s better to keep some things in the hand of professional. IIPVapi can be your best footwear photo editing partner this holiday season for your online e-commerce store.


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