Key Aspects for Attractive Outdoor Portrait Photography

All photographers desire to click professional looking sharp photographs. When they go for outdoor portrait photography with their models, they want to get the best results. In outdoor portrait photography, three things matter a lot those are proper exposure, white balance and sharp focus. If you have a high end camera with lens then even a good combination of above three are essential for effective portraits photography in outdoor shoot. Have a look into essential aspects that create amazing effect on the outdoor photography.

Set Focus Point of Photo

High resolution cameras allow photographers to set Autofocus option. However, the Autofocus function considers all aspects near the lens to take a picture. Thus camera creates a clutter of different focus points and clicks a picture as per the best guess. The photograph is based on average distance between all selected points. Photographers decide spotlight areas and set ultimate control over his portrait photo.

Concentrate on Eyes

Focus on Eyes

Eyes are the most expressive part of human face. It is the sharpest feature that represents the soul and so that it should be the focus point of portrait photography. Eye focusing images help in softening the skin tone too. So the photo looks more appealing and attractive while outdoor portrait photography.

Shallow Depth of Field

Depth of Field

Depth of filed is the distance between farthest and nearest points. The area focused by depth of field appears quite sharp while rest of portion looks blurry. High quality lens are capable to wide aperture values and the key reason of using them is shallow depth of field. Photographers can use f2.8 and f4. The most fantastic portraits are those that are taken into natural light with wide aperture values. It offers wonderful background with blur effect that is also called “bokeh”.

Keep Required Distance

Click a perfect photo from minimum 70mm distance. Photos taken below the distance of 50mm are not much noticeable. The most preferable distance for a perfect outdoor portrait photography is 120mm to 200mm.


RAW is an unchanged sensor data when the photo is clicked. It is the digital negatives only. If there will be JPG format, there are more chances to lose the data. Moreover, in JPG, photographers cannot edit data quickly. While RAW file permits photographer to go for photo editing and create its JPG with updated details.

Gray Cards

Gray Cards

Gray cards cater natural gray color to the particular section of photograph. It is used to set white balance in the photograph. Using gray cards, photographers reduce their lots of work to apply white balance in each photos separately once photo shoot done.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Don’t shoot photo in harsh sunlight. Direct sunlight makes the photo object crooked with worst white balance. A picture taken in milky shadow gives amazing quality to the photograph by highlighting with natural features of subject.

Photo Shoot in Cloudy Environment


This is one of the great aspect of outdoor photography. In cloudy atmosphere, photographers can have photos with good color quality as well as smooth and effective shadow.

Choose Proper Direction

When there is sun in the background of portrait, photo will be unclear. Photographer has to set such location where sun is in front of the subject. When sunshine falls on portrait, it gives stunning look to the subject with amazing glory.

Use Reflectors


Using reflectors, photographers can adjust light to take mind-blowing photo of the subject. The most ideal place for reflector to set them at background of subject. Reflectors are available in two colors gold and silver. Silver provides more whiter and light reflection while gold color gives warmer and subtle light.

Have an enjoyable experience of outdoor portrait photo shoot by clicking gorgeous pictures of your subject with the beauty surrounded. Get in touch with us to edit your photos and make them lovelier.