Jewelry Retouching Services

Top-notch Jewelry Photo Editing Services

Jewelry Photography needs heavy photo retouching & color correction, cleaning, adding contrast, and smoothing scratches without killing the details. With our high end retoucher & team of jewelry image editing we add shiny look and brand new feel to jewelry photography.

Our attention to details by expert retouching artist helps to produce consistent color, look & shine for silver, gold, diamond jewelry across different jewelry photo shoot.

Manage your Jewelry catalogs and online portfolios always up-to-date with ongoing product ranges maintaining consistent photo quality.

At IIP, we offer best in class Jewelry Photo Editing Services which is the most complex compared to other commercial photo editing. We reduce our client’s overheads of managing team sizes with fluctuating and seasonal work volumes, with utmost quality control and operational efficiency.

Businesses we serve for jewelry photo editing service

Our services for Editing Jewelry photos have been a backbone for various businesses like:

  • Jewelry Designers
  • Jewelry Retail outlets
  • Jewelry Catalogues Publishers
  • On-line (e-commerce) Jewelry retail stores
  • Jewelry Photographers

Services we cater for Jewelry Retouching

Dedicated team of jewelry retoucher from IIP team is working since 14+ years on jewelry photo editing. Our team of experts understands the exact need for jewelry image retouching that is Tiffany Style Retouching & Detailed Cut-out along with various nitty-gritties of the various jewelry product’s lighting, shadow effects, performing retouching jewelry, cut-outs for the product as well as tiny parts like diamonds, gemstones etc. Our team has experience in jewelry rendering services, for the various products like rings, bracelets, earrings, neckless, pendant, anklets, Charms, Brooches, watches etc.

Our various range of Jewelry Photo Editing Services Includes:

  • Tiffany Style Jewelry Retouching
  • Separate each diamonds or gemstones
  • Enhance/Change the lighting or colors of diamonds / gemstones
  • Adjusting the contrast and brightness
  • Removing the background /unwanted objects
  • Enhance the shining of the metal or other parts of jewelry product
  • Create drop shadow effect
  • Resizing or scaling the images

Why IIP services for your jewelry retouching requirements:

IIP is known for proven expertise in the field of Jewelry Retouching & team of high end retoucher for its attention to detail, quick & consistent turnaround time for performing the editing jobs on long term basis. Our key differentiation to deliver the final output lies in our services delivery process. We deliver final file with required format & Size (JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF etc.) plus also deliver layered PSD file where each stones or diamonds has been put on separate layers.

Key Highlights of IIP Services:

  • Experienced team of 25+ professionals for Jewelry product’s photo editing
  • High-end network infrastructure for quick uploading and downloading
  • 24*7*365 round the clock operations for quick & consistent delivery
  • 3000+ Images delivery capacity within 24 hours
  • Simplified and competitive pricing based on work volume

Our process for Jewelry retouching:


Most frequently asked questions about our jewelry retouching service

We produce jewelry in batches across year, can jewelry retouching help me to produce similar gold / silver colors?

We have customers who produces jewelry products across the year. For each customer we maintain preferred level of shine, colors and maintain same delivery across different batches through out year. Our expert retoucher have produced results from different photographer & different environment.

Do you share retouched jewelry photos on internet?

No, your Jewelry photos are confidential and we do not post it on internet. For portfolio we take prior approval for select photos from jewelry retouching .

Do you provide a free trial for jewelry image editing services?

Yes we work on free sample images so we match expected results for jewelry retouching service.