In-House Product Studio – Best Approach for eCommerce Business

The clean, consistent and large product images entice 63% more visitors to engage, 329% increase in traffic and 7 times improvement in conversion rate of the site. (Source: WhichTestWon)

However, setup of an elegant eStore is not so easy. eCommerce businesses require clarity in different aspects of product photography such as with models or without models, perspectives of the images, background, color, and what not. Once you define all these aspects, it is necessary to follow the same practice throughout your eStore to maintain consistency.

How Outsourcing of End-to-End Photography Affects Your ROI?

Hire a professional photographer and outsource entire photo shoot to him is a regular practice of eCommerce businesses. Do you have any idea, how much extra costing you are bearing in this practice?

Well, end-to-end professional product photo shoot involves Model Selection, Photo Clicking, Post Production Operations, and much more. It costs every small to large aspects used by photographer. At last, if you count the overall costing, you realize how much extra cost you paid to photographer for the product shoot.

In-House Studio – Strategy to Have Quality Driven Photo Shoot

When we discuss about in-house photo studio, it’s all about to shoot product photos on your own and at your convenient time as well as place. For this, you all need is a good camera. Of course, it cannot be like professional photographer, but you can outsource the post photo production to an experienced photo editing company like Innovative Imagine Professionals (IIP).

This process can deliver much better output of your product photographs at highly affordable cost. Definitely, it requires some efforts from your end at the initial stage, but ultimately this improves profitability on long run.

Key Aspects of In-House Photo Studio Setup

While deciding to shoot product photos at an in-house studio, you have to take care some essential aspects. Those are:

Process to Setup An In-House Photo Shoot

Define an Ideal Display for All Products

This is a very basic yet essential step to set eStore with consistency. You can use product photos with models / mannequins / only products, multi-angles, consistent background & resolution, and other specifications. Go on with the defined specifications for each product to make your photos more appealing.

Get Ready with All Pre-preparation

To have good clicks, the primary need is good camera. Select the most suitable one from semi-professional or professional camera. Be ready with all your needed tools such as tripod, mannequin, background material, etc.

If you need a model for product photography, you can hire him/her, though it is not compulsory. You can always click the product pics on your own or with your friend/colleague by applying basic photography knowledge. Else you can hire professional photographer as per your need.

Document Shooting Arrangements

Define and note down all arrangements you need to do for a consistent photo shoot such as distance from camera, lighting and other camera settings. Manage each product photo with naming convention. Also, have backup of all photos in an external hard drive or virtual cloud storage. This will help a lot when you lost the original set of photos.

Perform Photo Shoot

Once you done with all arrangements of product and camera settings, move forward to shoot photos on your own at your convenient place and time. Then outsource your product pics to an image editing services provider like IIP for consistent product photo editing. The experts can create catchy pics with consistency by removing and editing required objects as per custom requirement of eCommerce businesses.

Post Photo Production Activity

This activity requires specific skills in making the image attractive with great level of consistency. It’s not job of all tom, dick and harry. Due to excessive time-consuming efforts, it is highly suggested to outsource the editing work to experts.

There are plenty of photo retouching companies at offshore locations like IIP who can help in beautifying your eCommerce store by offering photo retouching services. You can have reliable services 24*7*365. It is quite simple to send your product pics through FTP, Dropbox or WeTransfer and they will revert back to you with final output as per your expectations.

IIP –A Brilliant Post Photo Production Service Provider

Hire photo editing professionals from IIP, a leading photo editing service provider. We work closely with e-commerce businesses and help them in reducing their time and cost for post-production activities on product photos. Share your requirements with our sales representatives to leverage your eCommerce store with attractive images provided by our experts and improve your online business significantly.