How to Photograph Clothing For Your Online Store?

How to Photograph Clothing For Your Online Store?

In this digital era, the majority of businesses are moving towards digitization for all the right reasons. As soon as the pandemic hit all of us, we real-time realized the importance of digitization in our lives. For months everyone was trapped inside their houses and dependent upon online services.

When we talk about the eCommerce store, we also talk about the tips and tricks to set up the website’s product and services. The first thing that pulls the customers to a website is the visuals. Be it product images, any other attractive visuals are everything. You have to approach the best photo editing company that offers all the services correlated with photo editing.

Clicking a picture isn’t the end of the process; in fact, it’s the start. With the right angle, needs the right pop of colors, and that’s what professionals do. A bit of retouching, editing, contrast, clipping, and much more; all of that makes the eCommerce images look stunning and alluring.

This article has brought you a few tips on how to photograph clothing for your online store and make your customers visit you habitually.

How to plan a photoshoot for your ecommerce store

A bit of a camera, right angles, cleaning, arranging, and a bit of product photo retouching; combining all give out an eCommerce ready product images to attract the customers and make them stay. Here a few tips for you and your eCommerce store to consider during your eCommerce product photoshoot.

1. Clean And Crisp Backdrop

Background removal services for ecommerce store

Ensure that the backdrop is simple, clean, and crisp for the product to pop out of the picture. If possible, get an unadorned white or black background to make the product look good. However, even if you haven’t, no worries. IIPVAPI’s Background removal services will get that done for you. Our skilled and professional designers deliver quality images for your eCommerce store.

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2. Neat And Tidy products

product photo retouching servicesfor ecommerce store

The products are what you want to sell, and they need to look clean for that. It’s the photos that do the magic and draw the attention of the customers. Here, we are talking about clothing so make sure they look on point.

Remember to get their dry cleaning done and take care of everything, from the color, tidiness, creases, to the fitting. Just keep the products neat and leave the rest to the professionals of IIPVAPI. Our product photo retouching services make sure of delivering stunning images for your eCommerce store.

3. Adequate Lighting

photo retouching and restoration services for ecommerce store

Lighting is one of the most significant elements when it comes to clicking photos. Be it natural or synthetic, both of them play a vital role in the shoot. Therefore, it is incredibly crucial to know it; in any case, direct lighting dulls your product’s shine. So, again a few tips on the lightings and leave the rest to IIPVAPI. Our photo retouching and restoration services will get you covered and cater to you with the most stunning and natural-looking images.

4. Right pieces of equipment and angle

Right pieces of equipment and angle for clothing photography

Before you start the product shoot, ensure all the types of equipment you need for the process. A camera, tripod, additional lenses, ring lights, etc., whatever it takes for a good picture. A professional camera stands out among all, and then comes a tripod for the right angle. Clicking a photograph from a right angle produces many variations in the entire method. Therefore, don’t forget to list all the essential equipment you will need while clicking the pictures.

5. Model or Mannequin

clipping path and ghost mannequin effect servicefor ecommerce store

Now the question arises!

Will you need a model or a mannequin to showcase your clothes on? This is the decision you solely have to make. Once you decide that, here are a few tips to remember.

Suppose you choose to showcase your clothes on models, then ready to spend a shoestring budget on them. Another point to remember is making them alter their body size accordingly, which can be time taking. The added benefits of having the models are that they give your pieces a natural touch, and customers can relate to them.

And if you do not intend to spend much and want a hassle-free process, then go for the mannequin. They give a professional touch to your images. IIPVAPI’s clipping path and ghost mannequin effect service provide affordable solutions to your day to day photo editing needs.

6. Editing

Product image editing for ecommerce store

Last but not least, photo editing is crucial while uploading the product image. Right from the IIPVAPI’s photo editing to the ghost mannequin services, we ensure our customer’s satisfaction and add charm to your products. Image enhancement and vector conversion are our pinnacle points in this industry for seven years, and we endeavor to do that in the many more coming years.

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IIPVAPI’s Ecommerce photo editing services never disappoint its clients because we make sure to match their needs. Contact us now for your eCommerce product images related queries and shoot your eCommerce sales like never before.