How to outsource photo editing for eCommerce

How to outsource photo editing for eCommerce

The most significant factor for achieving better eCommerce sales is the product photo listed online. Although, product photos are not the only reason shoppers purchase from eCommerce sites: free delivery, pricing, and ratings are also top motivators.

However, poor product photo editing can disrupt your brand’s online impression – before even considering the other factors such as pricing. Remember, in the eCommerce business, your primary revenue relies on how good the product image looks on digital platforms.

As per a survey, more than 75 percent of respondents considered product images as highly influential for online purchase decisions. At the same time, online product returns account for 22 percent because the “item looks different from the photos”.

The visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared and posted than other content through social media. Quality product images are crucial if you want your product to go viral. Hence eCommerce photo editing becomes necessary if you wish to grow your online sales.

Do what you do best

Today, many organizations try to do everything by themselves – from clicking photography to editing the photo and then optimize it for various social media platforms.

But as they say ‘Jack of all trade, is master of none!’ performing all the tasks by the in-house team becomes overwhelming, time-consuming and less effective.

From the points mentioned above, it’s pretty much clear that eCommerce photo editing is a must. Therefore by outsourced photo editing service, you can save an ample amount of time and increase the in-house team’s productivity.

Now let’s see what all things you need to study to outsource photo editing for eCommerce.

Things to consider to outsource photo editing for eCommerce

What services do they offer?

Before choosing to outsource photo editing, make sure the firm meets your editing requirements. Go for the editing companies that offer a variety of editing services. For example, you are into the fashion business, then choose the outsourced photo editing service provider that has done fashion product photo editing in the past.

As soon as your business expands, you will need more editing options. That is why choosing a versatile outsourced photo editing partner that offers various kinds of service is always appreciated.

Photo Editing service

Bulk image editing capabilities

As your online business grows – the requirements for editing the product images increase eventually. Hence while selecting your outsource photo editing partner, understand how much image editing capabilities do they possess.

Do they have team count that can handle bulk image editing tasks or not? There are outsource photo editing companies like IIPVAPI that can process up to 3000+ image editing for eCommerce in one day.

Their Onboarding process

For new customers, an outsourced image editing service should have a specified step by step process. The outsource photo editing company needs to know your wants and prerequisite to understand how to edit images – so that you can leverage their services in the best possible manner.

On-boarding can be an online tutorial, email, phone call, or wizard if the specifications are precise, and the structure of the outsourced photo editing service is well defined.

The onboarding process and its duration may differ depending on the nature of the criteria and eCommerce photo editing company. But if there is no onboarding procedure at all, then you will have a very rough start.

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Working with outsource photo editing company

Photo Editing service

After you have picked a partner, spend a little bit of time onboarding them. The more upfront work you do, the better it will be in the long run — and the more time you save!

Below are some tips for working with your outsourced photo-editing partner:

  • Overcommunicate: If you don’t think you’re giving your enough requirements inputs, then there are high chances of an undesired result. So its better to overcommunicate, and share each information or details regarding the eCommerce product image editing beforehand.
  • Give reference while briefing: Use of words won’t be enough when we’re talking about the product image. While explaining your requirements on the photo editing, give examples or reference of pictures to the outsource photo editing. This would help them to edit the images as per your exact requirements.
  • Re-edit till desired output: The best outsource photo editing service providers will edit your photos until you’re pleased with the final look and feel. And you should not be hesitant to submit it back with suggestions on what you would like to see done better – if you don’t like what you got in the first attempt.


Ecommerce photo editing is a must to increase the online visibility of your product and business growth. It’s essential to choose the right eCommerce photo editing service provider, so you don’t waste time and money that you hoped to save by outsourcing.

There are a variety of photo editing service providers specializing only in a specific domain. Nevertheless, when it comes to photo editing in eCommerce — IIPVAPI offers it all.

We know our customers want or need, and we aim to fulfill every aspect of their requirements – regardless of how gigantic or minor the task is.

So get in touch with us today and to get premium-quality photo editing service for your all eCommerce products.