How to look your best in Photographs

It’s often seen that some people dislikes being photographed while some just pretend to do so. The probable reason behind this is that most of us are quite worried about how our photos will come up and how we would look at them. Here are a few professional tips you may not want to miss out while having next click of yourself.

Tips for the Photoshoot:


Even the photography may be taken up by your amateur friend using his/her camera, we still will call it a photoshoot. It’s good to know about the shoot in advance or even if possible predict about it. Like you are off to a lavish dinner party (Wedding or any Corporate or for any reason), there are good chances of lots of snaps to be taken up.

  • Be comfortable:

    To give your best shot, use your favorite outfit/ dress. This will help you feel cool, relaxed and confident. It’s always great to be comfortable in our own skin to give our best shot.

  • Try to find an appropriate background:

    Make sure you find something interesting to serve this purpose. It is suggested that the white background, normally wash out the lighter skin tones, while too colorful background brings unnecessary hue across the skin. Try to find beautifully painted walls, decorations, landscapes or famous stuffs if you are in tour.

  • A little sunshine is always good, but too much of it, may be trouble:

    The photoshoot are recommended to be taken up during Morning or late afternoon. Too much sun brings out squinting of eyes, grimacing in expression, plus the hard shadow of the noon.

  • Click a lot of Photos:

    We are no longer in the world of reels with limits. So shoot the maximum your memory banks allow. Professional photographers shut thousands of shutters to get a perfect click.

  • Have fun during the Photo Session:

    Normally during the professional Photoshoot, the photographer makes sure to maintain a funny atmosphere as natural smile and grins blends well rather than forced, “Say Cheese Grin”.

Tips for your Body:


Having a care-free posture is sometimes tough when we are conscious due the photoshoot. It’s essential to avoid awkward postures for more natural looking pictures.

  • Stand tall as apart from being important for the well-being of your body and mind. It also makes you look confident.
  • Face the camera while being a bit away from it. Just make sure it’s not too much away. Too much distance will make it look like a fashion photoshoot. Make sure your feet is Just 45 º away from the camera and need twist your waist in a way that your chest faces the camera straight.
  • One unique tip (which may sound weird): Move your head slightly away, bringing the forehead a bit forward and then to tilt your chin a bit down. Though it sounds weird but the pose helps to define the edges of your face.

For your ‘Face’


No doubt the Face is the most crucial component of the photographs.

  • Always find a place that makes you happy. If the place is not nearby, then a couple of seconds of meditation brings the necessary soothing and glare. Meditation also brightens up the smile and cures unnecessary blinking. So just before the shutter click, for some seconds, we can take a deep breath, relax and slowly open our eyes to face the blink with a smile.
  • Put the tongue on the roof of the mouth during the shoot. This is one of the hidden secrets of photography which shapes the chin and jawline plus controls the grin and doesn’t allow the smile to get too huge.
  • At the direction of the flash falling on our face try to add anything translucent. The full flash normally distorts the natural tone and unnecessary noises in terms of reflection.
  • Toning the Shiny skin is essential. Try oil blotting tissues in case of makeup applied. The oily/shiny skin reflects the light falling on the face. So these were some tips and tricks for improving your personal self-photography.

After the session:

Remember after the photoshoot we at are always there to fine tune and transform your personal photographs into professional masterpieces.