Promoting your Jewelry photos on Pinterest

Promoting your Jewelry photos on Pinterest

If you’re interested in enhancing your jewelry sales, then Pinterest is the place. Since its inception in December 2009, Pinterest has grown exponentially and is now among the most favorite social media tools for digital marketers.

According to Statista’s data, as of the third quarter of 2020, Pinterest had 442 million monthly active users globally.

Initially, Pinterest started as a digital platform for exploring new recipes and DIY ideas, which now turned into a huge digital shopping point. And if you’re into jewelry or any product-based business – Pinterest is the best platform to boost your baseline.

Here are some effective tips and tricks for jewelry photo retouching and pinning it on Pinterest.

Be Consistent

Try to make time for pins every day once you get started with your Pinterest account. You’re not as important to potential followers, just like brands with thousands of beautiful pins – if your account only has limited boards with very small pins. Make and keep up with your boards and fill them with interesting and attractive jewelry photos.

If possible, set a schedule of uploading a jewelry photo or any creatives regarding your domain – weekly, once, or twice. To stay active on social media, you can use social media scheduling tools that automatically post or upload the content during the desired time and day.

Create Business Account

Make sure you sign up for a business account if you plan to use Pinterest to advertise and promote your jewelry products online. Like a private one, it’s free, but it’s double-filled with a bunch of cool marketing and advertising features: Rich Pins, Buy Buttons, advanced analytics, and many more.

Create Business Account

Rich pins

In addition to the usual pin details (such as jewelry photo, title, definition, etc.), Rich Pins extract additional data and information from your website.

It pulls the price and product details so that inside Pinterest itself, users can access this detail. Users can also press a blue shop button on the smartphone to go straight to your product and check out.

These pins will also let you know whether or not the item is in stock – if the shop offers this detail.

Vertical Photos

Vertical Photos

Its found that vertical photos on Pinterest are likely to be repinned often compared to the horizontal one. This is because vertical images acquire more screen space than horizontal and tend to be noticed more by Pinterest users.

For your jewelry product shoots, keep this in mind, and aim to take at least one vertical beauty shot that you can later use on Pinterest. Jewelry photo editing can also make your jewelry items stand out from the others.

However, if you’re not a professional photo editor, it’s recommended to outsource photo editing or contact a skilled photo retouching services provider.

Clicking the pictures

Clicking the pictures

It creates a bad impression on online visitors if you take a shiny jewelry shot using your camera’s flash! The jewelry will reflect the flashlight, leaving the product with harsh shadows in the background coated with white light spots.

Note that you want to use the sun as an indirect source of light, such as placing your product near a window during the day for natural lightings.

Smart pinning

Pin from the original source if you are going to pin. Make sure that from the original website, you are pinning or repinning and that they get proper credit.

For your own platform, this also holds true. Don’t pin your jewelry from the main home page, make sure you pin from the item’s actual page. This will connect the picture to the correct page and assist those who click on your photo to access the right page and jewelry piece.

People all over the world can easily access your pictures and videos by pinning your work to Pinterest. They may choose to click through to your actual website or blog with each pin, follow you on Pinterest, browse your work, and eventually make a purchase.

Encourage others to pin and appreciate

Engagement is a must in whatever business you belong. When we talk about digital engagement for Pinterest, you can install Pinterest buttons on your online store or website to allow visitors to share your products.

Lastly, take a moment to thank when individuals pin your jewelry photos or follow you on Pinterest. Another idea is that if you’ve limited followers, then running a discount scheme for all your new followers would encourage them to buy the item.

For example: You can offer a 10% or 20% discount on the first purchase of new followers

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Wrapping up

As it may appear at first glance, Pinterest isn’t just a platform of artfully organized images. It is a fast-growing marketplace and a powerful advertising tool that has been resurrected to carry your eCommerce traffic and sales.

Our team of highly skilled and seasoned retouchers knows how to deal with jewelry photo editing complexities. Experts at IIPVAPI can make your jewelry item’s images shine and sparkle, which is best suited for Pinterest.

In order to make your jewelry look better, we use light and color correction instruments, making them appealing to your buyers.

What are you waiting for? Let’s discuss the project and make your jewelry photos shine on Pinterest.