Outsourcing Your Clipping Path Tasks Here's How Much It Costs

Outsourcing Your Clipping Path Tasks? Here’s How Much It Costs

Whether you are a commercial photographer or an online retailer, you must surely have come across the need for clipping path services. Outsourcing clipping path to an offshore firm stands as a strategic decision given that it helps you shift your emphasis from photo retouching to actually focusing on the core of your business and even helps you and your enterprise in meeting insistent deadlines. Outsourcing clipping path tasks to an experienced and efficient offshore service provider is a double win, given that not only do you receive the enterprise-grade quality of 100% hand-drawn clipping path services in an exceptionally short period of time, you can also save massively on costs incurred when compared with an in-house or local photo retouching partner.

Before we get into how much outsourcing clipping path services will cost you, let’s first familiarize you with the concept of photo clipping path for further clarity.

Clipping path: The basics

Deep etching, i.e., creating a closed vector path or shape around an object within a photograph with an aim to omit all details outside the defining line, e.g., A shadow, clutter, or a display stand or even the entire background, is termed as a clipping path.

Clipping path The basics

Clipping path services can be used to manipulate object shape, define edges, and even alter particular regions. Clipping path is the ideal way to professionally remove backgrounds from images finding business applications in product listings on e-commerce sites. Enterprises and entities like fashion houses, magazines, brochure designers, product photographers, and a lot more all require substantial clipping path services.

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How much does outsourcing clipping path cost?

For outsourcing your clipping path services, choose IIPVAPI, market leaders in photo retouching services. IIPVAPI offers a highly customized clipping path and other photo retouching services along with lightning-fast delivery. When compared with competitors in Europe or America; IIPVAPI’s clipping path services are not much faster and far more cost-effective; you can rest assured that there will be no comprises made on quality.

How much does outsourcing clipping path cost

With substantial experience and expertise in photo editing, IIPVAPI offers premium quality clipping path services that allow you to have your images retouched and treated precisely the way you require, that too, with a rapid TAT. Outsourcing clipping path services to IIPVAPI not only provides you with brilliant quality and accuracy it also makes the cost of service the least of your problems.

How we function?

At IIPVAPI, we base service costs on the complexity of the image and the time it takes to process it. Our clipping path services range from single, multiple, or complex.

  • Complexity 1: Simple Clipping Path
  • As the title recommends, it simply compares to fundamental and the most moderate kind of clipping path service. The technique is generally about choosing strong objects that have a solitary shut path and without gaps at all, so as to hold what’s inside and desert all that is outside.

    Simple Clipping Path

    Simple Clipping Path applies to bent items like a wallet, shades, T-shirt, shoes, watch, camera, seat, item bundle, simple earrings, and so forth.

  • Complexity 2: Multiple Clipping Path
  • Multi-clipping includes choosing or consolidating multiple objects and smoothing the edges to flawlessly mix in a solitary image. An individual part of a picture might be changed, for example, shading levels, opacity, size, pivot, effects, filters, and multiple fillings for an extraordinary output. To do so, multiple altering techniques are performed to accomplish a more enhanced output

    Multiple Clipping Path

    Multiple Clipping Path is the ideal choice for objects like- furniture, fence, armband, stud, couch, spinning seat, multiple simple pictures, grab apparel thing, vehicle, clinical bed/seat, stand-alone jewelry, tools, and so on.

  • Complexity 3: Complex Clipping Path
  • Complex clipping includes taking a shot at objects which are not all that solid or have a lot of intricate detail. There might be various objects in a single picture and contains bunches of holes, accordingly requiring the production of numerous paths. Given there are more angles to take a shot at, this sort of clipping involves a decent measure of time to finish, yet results are noteworthy.

    Complex Clipping Path

    Complex Clipping Path applies to objects like- blossoms, bicycles, child buggy, table fan, racket, lorry truck, chains, accessories, and jewelry sets.

The complexity of the image is decided when the client sends us a sample image. We judge the complexity of the image and calculate time per image. The hourly rates range from $7 to $12 an hour with our experienced team of photo re-touchers, spending a minute to about 5 minutes per image.

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Your go-to resource for ‘done right the first time’ clipping path services IIPVAPI guarantees that your images will be rendered exactly as you envisioned them. Our photo retouching experts churn out 100% hand-made premium quality output that simply outclasses jobs done automatically by tools like the magic wand. Each image is zoomed to about 300%, so that accurate anchor points are created to work around even the most complex curves and shapes. IIPVAPI specializes in background removal with zero ragged edges or pixelation, leading to exceptionally precise cuts.

Given the excellent quality, affordability, and reliability of our services, IIPVAPI is a market-leading clipping path service provider. We assure professional clipping path services at a fraction of the cost and with half the turn-around time as compared to other players.

At IIPVAPI, we cater to requirements across the scale spectrum, from individuals with a few photos to be retouched right up to massive enterprises requiring thousands of clipping paths in one project.

We understand and fulfil your requirements with tight adherence to deadlines and optimal quality standards. So If you too have images that you wish to put upon, let’s say, an e-commerce site requiring precise removal of backgrounds and you are looking for an optimal and cost-effective partner to outsource clipping path services to, then we at IIPVAPI would be happy to assist. If you wish to know more about how we at IIPVAPI can provide you with premium clipping path services, then what are you waiting for? Get in touch now.