Importance of Ghost Mannequin in Ecommerce and Apparel Business

Importance of Ghost Mannequin in Ecommerce and Apparel Business

Gone are the days when you need to dress up and get ready for your apparel shopping. Now consumers prefer to buy their clothes or apparel online rather than physically going to a shop.

Humans are becoming lazier and technology smarter. The revolution is that of the e-commerce market. Before digitization, people used to trade only in the physical markets. But now, online shopping makes them feel more comfortable.

Besides, with the aid of e-commerce, consumers can easily and quickly get their expected products. People in business, as a result, prefer to sell their goods online.

But when you sell your goods online, you have to process your product photo editing professionally. And when it’s about the clothing business – ghost mannequin surfaces.

What is Ghost Mannequin?

What is Ghost Mannequin?

Ghost mannequin, or invisible mannequin imagery, is widely used by brands and retailers to offer a 3D, hollow man effect to their products. Mannequins allow your clothing products to retain their shape, making product photos look more professional and consistent by enhancing consumer attractiveness.

In the eCommerce market, the ghost mannequin effect has a significant impact on consumers. If you’re not a photography expert, then on several e-commerce websites, you may have seen it. But for a photographer of fashion and products, the ghost mannequin is the bread and butter.

This effect is produced by cutting out different kinds of mannequins from the picture to get a ghostly look. Making choices for buying any clothing or jewelry pieces has the potential to create a positive impression among customers.

Ghost Mannequin is also the most cost-effective way because you don’t have to use costly models and wait for their schedules, and you don’t need expensive mannequins either.

It doesn’t seem easy to produce the mannequin effect for amateur photographers, but it is actually effortless for professional photographers. And if you don’t want to spend your time in all this,n you can contact a professional ghost mannequin services provider.

Difference between Ghost Mannequin and Traditional Mannequin

Difference between Ghost Mannequin and Traditional Mannequin

Both traditional and ghost mannequins look the same at first glance. What makes ghost mannequins different is that they come with detachable parts of the body.

You simply place your clothes on the mannequin and remove any unwanted body parts, making it look true to its “ghost” characteristics. You do not need to spend any time photoshopping away recognizable body parts, unlike typical mannequins.

Using ghost mannequin services over conventional mannequins has another major benefit. Thanks to its “ghost” characteristics – you get to capture hidden details such as a collar, company logo, or fabric hemlines. This helps to explain your goods’ specifics and enables your clients to imagine them in their minds better – eventually urging them to buy the item.

Tips for Ghost mannequin photography

Tips for Ghost mannequin photography

  • For selecting the perfect mannequin for the items, it is vital to choose a mannequin that ensembles the object – as ghost mannequins come in a variety of sizes and styles. In some instances, your dresses will not fit as well as they should if the mannequin is not perfect. So having a number of different mannequins on hand to shoot with is useful.
  • Once you have found the correct mannequin, stack your clothes in logical shooting order, grouping the ones that match together without having to adjust mannequins and pieces. By doing this, you’ll save lots of time and effort for yourself.
  • Choose which of the mannequin modules you want to detach. For example, using a blazer, the lining is an important feature to showcase on your eCommerce store; hence eliminating the ‘V’ chest piece is recommended for a decent look.
  • Clothe the mannequin gently with the blazer or any clothes of your choosing. Fix the elbows, sleeves, and make sure the seams match up with the mannequin’s shoulders. Take time to make sure that the fabric has no visible stretching.
  • Finally, set up your lighting and exposure to show the dress’s main characteristics without drowning out any colors to focus your lens and take a range of shots covering the dress as a whole, and zoom in on the lining stitching. Get creative to understand what your patrons are looking for.

Pro Tip: It’s strongly recommended that if you don’t have good proficiency in eCommerce photo editing or product photo editing – then outsource to a professional ghost mannequin photo editing services provider.

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Advantages of Ghost Mannequin

  • Easy showcasing of items: The way mannequins comfortably suit goods is no mistake. For the correct designs, there is no need to invest time in looking for perfect models. With a ghost mannequin, and proper measurements, your item will sell faster.
  • Available easily: Nothing beats using a mannequin when it comes to comfort. You can conveniently purchase a mannequin online or contact its dealer. Another advantage is that you don’t need to pay for overtime, price rises, or deal with cancellations of highly paying models.

Regardless of models or mannequins, it is important to provide your customers with the clearest apparel photos. Although models come and go quickly, in the rapidly evolving world of apparel commerce, mannequins are here to stay.

Because of their flexibility and ease in the post-production stage, they still remain a staple in many brands’ post-production process.

Summing up

Ghost mannequin is undoubtedly a great investment depending on the budget and building an image of your brand – regardless of if you are a famous owner of an eCommerce store or just starting.

Now, you know what ghost mannequin is and what role it plays in the arena of e-commerce. So, it’s time for you to select the Ghost mannequin services provider like IIPVAPI for your product photo editing.

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