furniture photo editing services

Photo Editing & Retouching Services for furniture products. Background removal, color correction, unwanted object removal, etc.

Furniture are high-value products, and it’s essential to keep your furniture product catalogs and their online portfolios always up-to-date to get high traffic. IIP does furniture image enhancement to showcase appealing product photos and convert visitors into customers.

At IIP, we are experts in providing furniture product photo editing services which helps our clients to focus on their core business and leave their worries of managing photo editing team to cope up with fluctuating and seasonal work volumes.

Businesses we serve

Our services for Editing Furniture product photos have been a backbone for various businesses like

  • Furniture Brands/Manufacturers
  • Furniture Retail outlets
  • Furniture Catalogues & Magazine Publishers
  • On-line (e-commerce) Furniture retail stores
  • Furniture Products Photographers

Services we provide for Furniture Businesses

IIP is having hands on expertise on doing the post production work and supporting the furniture businesses. Our team of experts have worked on various range of products like Chairs, Tables, Sofas, vintage furniture, chandelier, retro furniture:

  • Adding or removing the background
  • Making three dimensional look
  • Removing or adjusting the shadows
  • Enhancing / Changing the colors of Furniture
  • Adding contrast flavors to the furniture photos
  • Creating vintage or classic finishing
  • Removing unwanted objects / Adding new objects
  • Adjusting the contrast and brightness
  • Resizing or scaling the images

Why choose IIP for your furniture image retouching requirements:

IIP is known within the furniture apparels businesses for its attention to detail, quick & consistent turnaround time for performing the editing jobs on long term basis. Our experts are known to produce best results with precision for the most complex pictures of furniture pieces. For example, removing the background from a chair which is having cross-mark type design and having transparent square hole in each 2×2 square inches.

Key Highlights of IIP Services:

  • Experienced team of 70+ professionals for furniture photography editing.
  • High-end network infrastructure for quick uploading and downloading
  • 24*7*365 round the clock operations for quick & consistent delivery
  • 3000+ Images delivery capacity within 24 hours
  • Clients from furniture industry from countries like Italy, Germany, Spain, France, UK and USA
  • Simplified and competitive pricing based on work volume

Our process for Furniture Photo Editing Services: