Five Essential Tips and Techniques for Portrait Retouching

Portrait photo Retouching – there is a hair line difference between slightly enhanced photograph and over-photo shopped. The key aspect for perfect retouching is to do it in a manner that the changes and alteration doesn’t hurt the image too obvious. Fact is, majority of the people try to find the new ways to enhance photo retouching skills via Photoshop but they fail.

The very best way to do portrait photograph is not in a manner that how someone look like in real life or how they look best or worst in certain conditions. There are range of possibilities available today for the photographers are varied they can include artistic element which can be derived only by editing and compositing. Here we are sharing some tips and tricks that will enrich your portrait photographs which will look amazing with lesser edits.

1. Model Selection

Selecting a model is one of the top priority while photo shoot. When you make a choice of a model you need to take care of every aspect which comfy your theme. A model should be clean in a way that he/she gives a pose according to the theme. Determine the face cut and studying the portfolio will give you a better picture while selecting a model for your assignment.

Portrait Retouching 1

“The art of photography also halts in retouching as well”

2. MakeUp Artist Role

Investing in a good make-up artist is a thought of worth. It can save your hours by making a model ready truly for the camera. Make sure while your makeup artist applies makeup to the model both eye liner and lip liner should come in-line and balanced. If it’s not done properly you will face a tedious job while Photoshop. This is an area where the make-up artist plays an immense role.

Keep a note, while applying a foundation on the models should definitely match rest of her bodies’ skin tone!

While using a fake eyelashes or mascara, make sure that glue shouldn’t be visible or peeling of eyelashes. Also, take care that mascara is not tramping along.

Portrait retouching 2

“A Good Makeup artist will give the best touch to your taste”

3. Need to Identify Objective

While you approach for photoshopping the image, you need to be very choosy while identifying the object. Identifying the object is essential because the whole concept lay on the object itself. Be peculiar while identifying objective. No need to get hassle and furious about identifying the object. It’s a state of the art which you can observe when you are compiling it.

Portrait Retouching 3

4. Over Photo-Shopped/ Over Editing

Over editing or over photo-shopped is one of the common mistake. There are too many things in there and as a professional image retoucher, you must know that when you have crossed that line. In many cases, there are more or less.

From the beginning itself, you need to know the intended outline of the image.

“Pin the best and get out of the odd, retouching is an art don’t binge it with poor work”

5. Dodge and Burn Technique

So when you are ready to go with dodge and burn tools, define it to a low flow rate so that the changes, which is been made by the tool finishes it gradually rather creating dramatic effects instant. This will help you stop from over doing it.

If you find finished product in color, do make corrections in black and white mode. The reason to introduce this practice is that all colors will distract your eye and focus, whether you realize it or not. So advised to do in black and white mode.

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