Swoon Worthy Tips of Footwear Product Photography

Take Full Advantage of your Footwear Listings with these Mind-Blowing Do’s and Don’ts Product Photo Ideas!

Product photography plays a critical role in ensuring absolute customer satisfaction. All products have a different approach to attract relevant customers, as long as they are showcased in the best possible method. The right colors, appropriate angles, and perfect lighting are specific factors that apply to footwear product photo editing and retouching.

Online shopping for products like fashion accessories and footwear, product photography can be more about fine details, which makes it easier for the customers to make a buying decision. As per ecommerce experts and analysts, customers study product description and images in detail before making the purchase decision. So, why not give that ‘Oomph Factor’ to your classy footwear images and increase the conversion rates for your clients.

Let’s take a quick look at the Do’s and Don’ts which can save you a millions when you want those high-volume perfect pictures edited over-night.

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The Do’s

  • Capture Different Angles: The most recommended best practice is to capture multiple angles. Take clear shots of a side view, view from back, a top and a slightly turned to left. This routine will enable you to select the best ones for post process editing. As long as, the angles are flattering the product and optimizing your purpose, you win!
  • Soft Lighting: Natural or soft lighting usage are the best options, as it offers a natural tone to the footwear being featured. If you are at out-door shoots, keep in mind to shoot at early mornings or evenings. It is advocated to avoid after-noon shoot, because the daylight would be too harsh on the merchandise. Take your photos with natural light streaming in or rent a studio. A soft-box setup, if you would prefer to go the unreal lighting route. In-case you need to take photos outdoor, consider a thickly-shaded space.
  • Create Footwear Stand: Footwear that stands straight provides an impressive view, than those that are perpetual flat on the ground. Make sure that the strap or the buttons are visible for customers to select the right one. Confirm that every piece of footwear looks its best. By creating the illusion that the shoe is being worn by someone. Stuffing shoes will facilitate the shoe stand tall and provides it fullness. Dental floss is almost invisible. Floss offers excellent ease to remove in post-production. Your customers wish to check each facet of a shoe. Customers should feel as if they, literally walked into your store to skim through your latest collection. Go ahead and spoil them 😉!
  • Clean Background: As a creative photographer, your focus ought to be to flaunt the footwear. Using a neat and clean white background puts the whole concentration on the footwear. Props are helpful generally with regards to your business’ branding. However, it is best and most appropriate to photograph every product individually.
  • Cropping Template: Keeping your pictures consistent can create less confusion for customers. For uniformity, a cropping template works most beautiful. Develop a shooting and cropping template, which maintains strict pointers and keeps your pictures consistent from frame to a border. Enduring by a template can speed your shooting and post-production development. Enhance the style of your footwear, standardized and customized portfolio that each one appears to belong in those catalogue well. Many online channels need bound net standards for cropping and filler. Therefore note of their image pointers and incorporate them into your model to form your shoes look their best.

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The Don’ts

  • Don’t Slouch Your Footwear – If the footwear is laid flat, customer will not be able to relate to the exact look and feel of the product. Bear in mind; that best visuals of the footwear shall be more enticing for customers, to imagine and choose the shoe. The unflattering lifeless and limp shoes or heels do not create shoes appear appealing. These tiny details matter most, when it is most justifying product’s worth alone with an attractive image.
  • Don’t Crop Fecklessly – Cropping in-consistently, is one of the most common and simple mistakes most photographers commit to footwear photography. Your customers love to see images with additional zoomed, from a distance and few variations in focus, lighting and so on. Footwear product photography cropped inconsistently like at foot-bed, high strap or shoes are not aligned well with all four frames. Avoid distracting elements in your product photos.
  • Don’t Practice Soft Focus – Soft focus makes the pictures blurry. The product image gets unclear, and this can be quite discouraging for them, to make any buying decisions or observe the footwear with appropriate clarity. If any footwear image is out of focus, customers surely shall not waste their time or even take a sneak peek into the product description. Customers perceive blurry photos as a nuisance. Blurry images prevents them from seeing specifically, what they are shopping for.
  • Don’t Muddle The frame – Keep in mind, the simplest image grabs maximum attention. Therefore, it is essential to own a transparent frame and focus solely on the footwear. Don’t keep any supererogatory things close to the shoes. A clear, straightforward white background would enhance these pictures. In most variations of product photography, untidy backgrounds are largely a no-no. A busy and distracting background too shall distract customers from the actual product image.

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