Amazing Tips for Footwear Product Photography Do’s and Don’ts

Amazing Tips for Footwear Product Photography: Do’s and Don’ts

Boost your Footwear business with these photography tips

If you’re into the business of fashion photography, you’re already aware that each fashion item, whether its cap/hat, shirt/dress, pants/leggings, shoes/sandals, etc., – all of them holds the same importance.

In this article, we’ll discuss the photography of the bottom-most fashion-wear – the footwear.

It takes a lot more to plan for your footwear photo editing and complete a good one than just placing your chosen pair of shoes on a set and then taking some decent pictures.

Before the footwear shoot itself and there are some critical measures, you need to bear in mind to have a smooth-running process and get the desired results (enhanced sales). After all, time is money, which can’t be more true in the fashion e-commerce business.

So to save your time and money in business, we’ve created a list of Do’s and Don’ts for footwear product photography. Here we go!

Lets first determine the Don’t of Footwear Product Photography

Use of Direct Lighting

Use of Direct Lighting

Directly lights on the footwear create ugly shadows that steal the actual charm and result in unwanted glare.

You absolutely need the right kind of lighting – very bright or direct lighting will show imperfections and warp colors of the footwear. Which won’t be enticing for your potential customers;

Have Fancy Backgrounds

Have Fancy Backgrounds

Cluttered backgrounds for footwear or any product photography is always a big turn-off for viewers. A busy and messy backdrop drives the audience away as they cannot concentrate on the product. To draw attention to the footwear, go for white or simple light color backgrounds.

Another option is to consult a skilled footwear photo editing company. With their proficiency in photo editing services, they’ll edit the background in a manner that suits the footwear item.

Click from the same angle

Many amateur photographers often click the product’s photos from the same angle. Displaying very few angles of the footwear product on the list is one of the main product photography errors. Customers want to see every part of a product so that they can decide whether to invest in it or not.

Capturing footwear not in shape

Imagine you see footwear images on an eCommerce platform that has lines or crinkles. Would you even think of clicking the buy on after viewing that product image? No one ever will.

It is all about angles while shooting shoes. Aim to click efficient angles showing all the shoes’ specifics and sides so that your buyers can get a good knowledge of what they are buying.

Hence make sure that each footwear piece looks best by creating the illusion that someone is wearing the shoe. Stuffing the shoe with tissue paper, crumpled paper, or any stuffing material – is an effective way to interact and help the shoe stand alone.

After all the Don’ts – now let’s have a looks at the Do’s

Do’s of Footwear Product Photography

Appropriate Image Cropping

Image cropping is one of the essential factors that eCommerce business owners often do wrongly. Well-known eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, Alibaba, etc., have pre-defined product photo specifications for uploading. Thus its strongly recommended to check their product photo uploading requirements and crop accordingly.

Never crop your footwear photos in a way that the portion of it gets eliminated or over zoomed. Over zooming of footwear or any product, a photo is overwhelming for the customers.

In all the shoe photos you take, make sure your cropping is consistent. This implies keeping the border of white space or background around the shoe the same in all the images.

This cropping style will keep the eCommerce website tidy and clean, appealing to the consumer’s eye.

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Focus on small and essentials

Focus on small and essentials

Paying attention to specifics is another valuable piece of advice for shoe photography. Most of the time, small details in the product are overlooked, but they do matter a lot. Keep an eye on every single footwear detail. You may also contact a footwear photo editing experts who can easily edit the images and focus on the essential details.

Photographers concentrate only on common elements, such as positioning and frame change, to photograph a shoe. Make sure that the surface on which the footwear is kept is clean and clear of any grime and dirt. Not only will this look bad in the picture of the product – but it also will ruin all your efforts in shoe photography. Hence never forget to capture and highlight the details of footwear items.

Use Models

Use Models

Showcasing the models (foot images) in footwear photography is good for the business. Because clicking the footwear with someone’s foot is attractive than the photo with only footwear.

Model wearing the footwear brings the product to life and gives your customers a real feeling of how it would actually look when they wear it.

Try new styles/background

Try to select a neutral backdrop that will put the limelight on your footwear product. The color of the shoes will not overshadow the white background and will create a perfect contrast.

Just as shooting standard white background product shots is necessary, don’t be afraid to get creative. Try using several props and backgrounds to film the footwear at various angles.

Summing up

We hope you now have understood what to do and what to avoid during footwear photography. Until you get the perfect shot, keep playing with these tips. By adopting these, you will undoubtedly achieve clean and uncluttered images of footwear.

However, being a photographer, if you don’t want to spend your time in footwear photo editing, then you may consult a professional photo retouching services provider for the post-production process.

We at IIPVAPI offer all kinds of footwear photo editing services – to make your footwear business stand out among the competition. Get in touch today!