3D- Digital Draping Services

3D- Digital Draping Services To:

  • Eliminate duplicate files & repetitive workflows
  • Showcase multiple products
  • Reduce inventory management
  • Increase Efficiency and decreased costs

Drape your products with fascinating and realistic 3D- Digital Draping
to deliver rich life-like experiences.

Add a detailed texture or pattern to any products like furniture, upholstery, sofa, apparels, or
hardware for a professional yet cost efficient way to market it well using our expertise.

Save Costs and Efforts

No Inventory Management

Improve Your Sales

Digital Draping Process:

Master Image of Product and Texture to be Draped

Step 1

One Master File

Open up to limitless growth possibilities with one master file. For successful Digital draping services (texture mapping) the first requirement is to get product that needs to be
draped. It can be anything from a sofa, chair, shirt, women-apparel or even a cake. Our experts at IIP are fully trained to deal in with any requirement and add desired textures,
fabric and patterns.

Creating Digital Mesh and Remove Unwanted Textures

Step 2

Screen Authoring

Create a digital mesh that fits well on the product. This digital mesh follows the product exactly where the texture needs to set so the drape looks realistic. It is crucial to showcase the highlights and shadows on product under proper lighting conditions. Removal of unwanted texture or any other material is taken care by our experts.

Making Continuous Effect by Lining up the Edges

Step 3

3D Texture Mapping

We can simply use anything to drape on your products. For example if it is a fabric, tile or wood, our digital draping experts create an endless repeat by lining up the edges, centring the drape for continuous effect and removal of unwanted cuts and designs.

Draping Product Endlessly with Finest Textures

Step 4

Final Product

Once our digital draping experts have created an endless repeat- it is show time. We can now drape your product endlessly with the finest textures and patterns. Contact our experts and let us answers all your questions.

How Digital Draping Services Helps Your Business?

Any size of business- now easily create and deliver real-life and engaging experiences to your audience across all screens and that too without additional costs. With just one master file, publish unlimited versions for a consistent quality, format, size, crop, sharpening, colour space, blur, angle and much more.

Why Choose IIP Expertise?

  • Simplified and Streamlined Workflow
  • Quickest turnaround time
  • Personalized approach
  • Highly talented and experienced team
  • Competitive rates
  • Meet any quantity of requirements

See how IIP can help transform your products drastically. Start uploading your photos for digital draping services today.

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