Clipping Path vs. Image Masking: What’s the Difference?

Clipping Path vs. Image Masking: What’s the Difference?

An analysis of the two photo editing techniques

When background manipulation or removal is needed, image masking and clipping path are the two most effective photo editing techniques.

But though they serve a similar function, image masking and clipping path are quite different from each other, and the difference lies in methods used to isolate or eliminate the undesired object from the image. Read on for clipping path vs. image masking.

What is Clipping Path?

This is a technique of removing the background from an image using by using the Pen Tool. The clipping path technique is perfect for sharp for images with sharp, smooth edges. Clipping path is the best way to remove the background from an image when the subject of the image has fewer lines, small curves, straight, round, or rectangular shapes with a minimum number of holes.

What is Clipping Path  ?

However, while creating a clipping path with the Pen tool, the designer needs to extra careful. A poorly drawn path may make the images look ‘cut-out’ and unnatural. To avoid such a situation, it is suggested to zoom the image as much as possible while creating the clipping path. There are two tools that can be used while creating a clipping path on an image: the pen tool and the magnetic lasso tool. The pen tool allows for smoother curves, while the magnetic lasso can work with details.

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What is Image Masking?

Image masking is another method to remove or isolate backgrounds. The tools used in image masking are the eraser and magic eraser and mask creation.

What is Masking ?

Image Masking services or image clipping paths are perfect when the subject if the image has lots of fine lines and detailing in it—for example, hair. If a designer is required to isolate a human face with hair, then Image Masking would be the right technique to apply as it works great with details like fuzz on sweaters, fur on stuffed animals, etc. in the e-commerce sphere. More multifaceted, complex images with many turns, curves, complex soft edges, and lots of lines would need image masking.

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Clipping Path vs. Image Masking/Image clipping path

The question still lingers. Clipping Path Vs. Image Masking: Which is Best for Background Removal? We now know that the main difference between image masking and clipping path lies in the tools used and their capabilities, each with its own advantages.

While using a clipping path, a designer can retouch many images, given that the clipping path is not labor or time intensive. With image masking services, you can work on the finer details of the image. However, it may have a slightly lengthier turn around if the images are in bulk. To summarize the discussion, each technique has its own pros. Here is a quick look at the nature of each technique.

Nature of clipping path:

  • Clipping path enables quick background removable
  • Clipping path uses the only pen tool
  • The Edges in the image will not be natural for complex curves.
  • Most Suitable for images where the object has sharp and smooth edges

Nature of Image masking:

  • Image masking is time-intensive, but it has a very professional result
  • The tools used for image masking are the magic wand, refine edge & background eraser tool
  • Edges, while using image masking, look sharp & natural
  • The image masking technique is most suitable when the image is complex.

What is a compound path or multi clipping service?

If you happen to be an e-commerce retailer, then you will always push to save time for your next shoot. When one brand has many products and the requirement is to capture and edit them in a limited period of time, It is suggested to set all these products in a way in no product covers the other. A single image taken of all the products can be cropped and ordered by a multi clipping service according to the listing of the subject.

Enterprise-scale photo retouching for an e-commerce store utilizes both image masking and clipping path. The e-commerce sphere has more images with background removal done in the clipping path, while Magazines and vehicle brochures mostly use image masking.

Both Image masking and clipping path can be used as professional background removal tools, but choosing the right partner to outsource to is crucial. Not only does a reliable photo editing partner help with quality images, having such a partner is far more cost-effective than having an internal editing team.

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