How to Choose the Right Clipping Path Service Provider?

How to Choose the Right Clipping Path Service Provider?

If you search this article’s title on Google, you will get hundreds of results on how to choose the right clipping path services provider.

Yet, most of the time, Google’s ranking algorithm cannot determine or prove – how satisfied the customers of the top-ranking page of clipping path services providers are.

Hence let’s look at some of the essential points to consider for selecting the best clipping path services provider.

What to consider when choosing your options for the clipping path services?

Choosing the best service provider for the image clipping path through online media can be a tough decision. People are always trying to get the best quality product from service providers on the clipping path.

To get best out of image clipping path service here are some points to look:


Quality is the foremost thing on which you don’t want to compromise. To know if the chosen clipping path services provider working style and approach; observe and compare the clipping styles of potential providers-work to see what exactly fits your style and what they can offer you.

List of Services

You may come across clipping path services providers that offer only clipping path or image masking. It’s not a bad idea to work with them, but as your business expands – you might need additional and advanced types of photo edits.

For example – finding a service provider for a clipping path that can also do photo retouching, ghost mannequin, photo restoration, and even vector conversion would be recommended as your business will require all these services in the future.

If not, then you will have to work with multiple partners who might make the process more complicated.


Turnaround Time

While working on complex projects with short deadlines, you need to rely on the clipping path services provider – that understands your time limit and delivers the quality result by meeting the deadlines.

Just as your turnaround time can be tight, you may have large batches of photos as well. It is especially true for seasonal businesses or major product launches.

Client Testimonial

View their testimonials sections and see how big and complex project they have worked with.

If you wish to go deeper to know their service quality –then acquire the contact details of the testimonials on the website and chat/call them to understand how satisfied they were with the clipping path service provider.

As few companies do ‘fake client testimonial listing’ on their website to attract potential customers.

Cost and payment

The well-know point where both you and your clipping path services provider have to make sure the offerings fit the budget.

Remember to look and analyze the pricing structure and what’s included with posted rates. Few companies charge more if there are loads of different complex items in the ‘image-background’ you want to clip around.

Another small thing to check-out is how they accept payment. This needs to work with your business as well as how you process payable accounts and seller invoices.

Photo Clipping path


88% of mid-market business leaders said communication was a key factor in effective outsourcing. If you don’t have a way to communicate with the folks who are doing their clipping paths, you’ll face an uphill battle.

We’ve got email support available 24/7 at IIPVAPI. So if you’re around the globe or working at midnight on the weekend, we’re still here to answer questions that pop up — you’ll get a quicker and effective response than other image clipping path professional.

Ask some technical questions

To understand how clipping path services providers work and their approach towards a complex project, you’ve to do a bit of Google research and ask questions related to their domain. Such as:

  • Which software or tools do you use?
  • In which format would I get the images once the process is done?
  • What is your company’s QA process?
  • Do you have a dedicated team or hire freelancers?
  • What happens if I’m not satisfied with the images?

Asking these questions won’t only clear your doubts – but also help you know how worthy/knowledgeable the clipping path service providers are with their work.

What happens if you (mistakenly) chose unreliable clipping path services provider?

  • The bottom line gets affected: If you’re an eCommerce seller than poor quality images of product/services make your listing rank eCommerce platform degraded. Eventually, low sales and it affects your bottom line.
  • Unsatisfied clients: While working for the clients, if you outsource your clipping path process to an unreliable partner, then a high chance of either the result is not satisfactory or missed the deadlines.
  • Waste of time and money: All the efforts and dollars you spent on discussing your requirements of the photo clipping path will be of no use.
  • Reuse of your image: Some photo retouching services companies are so unethical that they will reuse your photos in other transactions without compensating you or even asking your consent.


Choosing the right clipping path service provider is essential so you don’t waste time and money you hoped to save by outsourcing in the first place. Ask inside your network on social media and in industry publications to find credible choices.

The best clipping path service provider is the one that keeps creativity, accuracy, pride, and care at the core of their work.

Look for companies like IIPVAPI that can evolve from the pathing work to present your product’s story to the world.