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8 Common Mistakes in Jewelry Photography & Tips to Avoid It

Jewelry retouching and editing is a sophisticated modification of the photographs providing precise perfection to images with alluring professional services. The core reason behind this Jewelry Retouching is, that it is an exceptional industry where sparkle and luster matters the most.

One crucial aspect of the professional modern jewelry editing is to set the right lights and tones. The evident effects of the light and color enhancement transforms an ordinary photograph radically. It has the capacity to make images splendid, poor or totally imperfect. In jewelry photography, the crux lies in the fine details.

Today, the market is full of people who are willing to provide you with jewelry photo editing and retouching. You can pick a stranger freelancer, a friend or even an unfamiliar company to get the job done. The only catch is that you can never predict the results you can expect against the promise to deliver. And in the end, you can end up paying several times until you get the best result. Choose wisely the experts you can partner with for your jewelry retouching and editing job next time.

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Usually in time crunch, it is no surprise that you might end up with blurry or sloppy positioning with those small shiny ones. We have added a quick list of common mistakes professionals end up with and tips that can help avoid it.

1. Inappropriate White Balance

Let’s face it, jewelry is sparkling and shiny too- , but camera lens reflections and white highlight spots visible on your jewelry is not good at all. While photographing them, little changes to capture the right shoots will be of a great help. Try changing the jewelry’s placement or position or your angel according to light placement. Most probably, you’ll need to zoom and analyze the product placement reflections, light etc.

Believe it or not any two product images can portray the same ring with great difference of lighting situations. The metal in the picture should appear appealing and with definite colors. Professional editing and retouching on your product photography can enhance the “wow” factor.

Jewelry Retouching Editing 01

2. Messy Preparation

To get the job done with absolute perfection, you require a team of experienced experts to ensure no messy work is extended further. Tiny details should be considered like to remove strings, price tags, cleaning off stickers or objects before taking the shots. Examine the product keenly for any fade-outs, repairs, polish or missing stones. For jewelry editing, trained experts serve as a blessing during the time crunching season hours.

Jewelry Retouching Editing 02

3. Pointless Props

Needless to say, any prop which creates the distraction from product is not going to serve its creative purpose. Great news is that for your jewelry photography, you won’t need to get mannequins, live models and props. Having a “clean look” without any sort of unnecessary or pointless props will work great for professional catalogues. One of the best shots are the ones where jewelry is lays flat over the white background rather than the hanging or placing it on a stand. The frame looks fresh clean and clear for the viewer to get the whole prominence of the ring or necklace. Light backdrop colors give the collection that vintage or timeless feel along with nice and clutter free visibility.

Jewelry Retouching Editing 03

4. Inconsistency

Variations are a great thing for creativity in jewelry photography. But the inconsistency is never a good thing. The pictures changing too often, distracts customers, confuses them and worst of all degrades the professional outlook it carries. Images look proficient and elegant when no sloppy cropping and resizing is processed.

Jewelry Retouching Editing 04

5. Several Angles

Jewelry looks plush when various flattering angles are tried and tested. Your customers want to see the product from multiple angles. Customers usually examine it by trying it over a neck piece or over their hands. Develop more angles and images with this concept in mind. An angled image from front, straight on image, a close up top view with proper zoom effect and minute details. Stay consistent! And try plenty of variety into angels which will help you boost that “awesome look” on your jewelry images.

Jewelry Retouching Editing 05

6. Engrossing Backgrounds

Simplicity is the best policy when it comes to adding an unforgettable grace to your jewelry collection. Busy backgrounds and chaotic backdrops makes absolutely no sense to your jewelry photography. It is quite tricky to resize or crop with untidy backgrounds. If the background will not add value to enhance the jewelry photo shot, than it’s not required. Keep it uncomplicated, modest and most importantly uncluttered.

Retouching and editing gives you that freedom to try variety and play around with looks and explore new. Different looks and themes like vintage, timeless, dreamy, floral, contemporary and ethnic can be chosen. Pick a theme a style to blech as a perfect match and go with it through your collection.

Jewelry Retouching Editing 08

7. Soft Focus

Safeguard everything you are looking for in capturing in tiny images or those complicated artistic craftsmanship on your jewelry. Soft focus will eight out of ten times ruin the beauty of the entire shoot and capture a bit blurry one. More “fall offs” you have; less the customer will have visibility to the details of your artistic piece of jewelry. These tiny details carry essential role in jewelry photography.

When professionals apply clipping and editing features to your photographs it actually comes to life.

Jewelry Retouching Editing 07

Human eye values the sharpness and detailing in artistic jewelry photographs

8. Wishy-washy Resizing and Cropping

Key to profound jewelry products editing and retouching technique deals with correct light source, shadow effect trails and mitigating errors with multiple angels with the most experienced professional outlook.

Online retail plays along with whitespace more often. It increases overall prominence and supports with precision in crop and size.

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