Jewelry Photo Retouching: Attract the attention of jewelry shoppers

Jewelry Photo Retouching: Attract the attention of jewelry shoppers

With the boom in eCommerce, people have started buying everything, from a small-pin to big-pent houses through eCommerce platforms. The most prominent factor that triggers the buying decision is the product photo listed online.

Hence photo retouching services have become very much necessary foronline businesses. And when it comes to jewelry photography, photographers are expected to capture even the smallest of details jewelry to attract the customer’s attention.

A photographer can only take clear shots of jewelry – other tasks which are necessary to make the jewelry photo sellable are done by the post-production team through photo editing softwares.

Jewelry photo retouching is crucial to draw online jewelry shoppers’ attention by showcasing the scintillating details of the items.

You need to hire photo editing professionals who are familiar with the whole concept of effective jewelry retouching techniques, which includes all kinds of image enhancement processes such as removing context, fine-tuning light, and reflection, removing blemishes, adjusting contrast and dark spots, and image resizing.

Now let’s understand some of these jewelry photo editing processes briefly:

Dust Removal:

Dust Removal

Removal of dust from jewelry means removing smudges that could not be seen while viewing the image without zooming. When the image has been enlarged, fingerprints and other soiled sections become visible and needs to be removed. The spot healing brush tool is the best choice while editing such parts from jewelry pictures on Photoshop.

This tool scans the outer regions of the brushwork, dissects the shapes, and then applies a value retouching color according to the objects in the ambiance. It also eliminates spots on large surfaces but is not so useful for dust sticking to edges.

Setting the Right Brightness, Shadows and Contrast

Setting the Right Brightness, Shadows and Contrast

One of the biggest challenges to jewelry photo editing is the lighting used on the piece. You might not get the right degree of brightness and contrast while clicking jewelry product photos because of many factors.

The lighting may often be too bright, and other times, too dim. The different lighting levels will cause unwanted details to pop up and give you a less than desirable image of the jewelry.

Poor lighting may also cause the shine of the stones to dull down or even eliminate the luster of gold, aluminum, or silver.

By working on shadows, you can make your jewelry photography look more realistic. Here is one of those techniques for editing jewelry photography that many forget. Your jewelry product will have its character by incorporating depth. Zero diversion would help convince the buyer – to determine the true worth of the gem.

Retouching the Jewelry Images and Removing Background

Retouching the Jewelry Images and Removing Background

For any proper cleaning, the remaining impurities of the jewelry such as fingerprints, stains, and dust, have to be removed. When we click jewelry photos, the camera captures everything.

The camera will record the fine print of jewelry from the scratches to the dust. The specks of dirt are often noticeable, so before shooting, you need to clean it as much as possible.

When cleaning up the jewelry, you’re giving yourself an easier time in retouching the image. The jewelry will look much better after the image has been cleaned up, and your potential customer will see a significant difference from the picture that was taken.

Now, you also need to remove anything in the background that blocks the picture, like price tags or props holding the jewelry piece.

Jewelry photo editing team starts creating a clipping path to isolate the jewelry from the background. In this, they remove the item from the original context and place it on a plain white frame, which is free of obstructions. Using the pen method, paths can be built that will position the jewelry products on a plain white background without making it look as if it were forcibly eliminated from the image.

Optiming the Jewelry Shinzie

Optimizing the Jewelry Shine

One way to get back the shine of the metal is by repainting the shine onto the metal once more. You can make the jewelry shine by using the pen tool to build a clipping path.

You can mask the unnecessary areas after creating the clipping path, and make the right fixes for the metals to shine. Creating clipping paths for removing unwanted pieces helps to get the best of the jewelry products.

Depending on the type of jewelry product you have, it may represent various colors. The jewelry photo editing team has to manually paint the pieces on the software to display the multiple colors due to the different reflections that pop out in jewelry.

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Don’t make silly mistakes. When you want the photos of your e-commerce site to stand out in the minds of your online customers, then you have to edit them thoroughly. You have to decide how your company will do the necessary edits and who will do it.

Background removal, lighting adjustments, removal of shadows and imperfections, shadow and contrast adjustments, and cropping and resizing can all be a time-consuming process – if you don’t know the best ways to do it.

If your internal team lacks the skills of jewelry photo editing, then it’s recommended that you hire a professional jewelry photo editing firm to the perform the task more finely.