Amazon Image Requirements for product photos

Amazon image guidelines to build your brand value and increase sales

There’s more on the seller’s side than we see it, especially when it comes to online shoppers’ sites such as Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc. The reason for the retailers or sellers’ turning to amazon for their sales is its vast customer base and brand value.

Amazon renders all of them an excellent platform to sell and promote their products. However, the only thing they are very strict about is their product photo editing guidelines. As we see it, images play a significant role in pulling customers’ attention towards the product. It is equally essential for the sellers to follow them to convert more sales and loyal customers.

Nevertheless, we would always recommend you prefer outsourcing photo editing for your eCommerce store for a crisper and more professional look. The process is a time-consuming one and demands the attention of expertise and adequate knowledge of it.

This article has encompassed the major Amazon image guidelines to get the customers to return to your brand repeatedly and maintain its consistency. As a seller, we hope you’d take an interest in all of them and use it as an essential marketing tool for your brand.

Amazon image guidelines for eCommerce photo editing

1. Technical requirements to edit product photos for amazon

Images to be uploaded on Instagram need to fit the Amazon guidelines. If it doesn’t, the software won’t accept it and restrain the main images without proper dimensions. Here are a few essential image guidelines for you and your product images to upload on Amazon.

  • On the longest side of the image, the minimum dimension should be 500px.
  • On the longest side of the image, the maximum dimension should be 10,000px
  • Amazon accepts specific file formats such as JPEG (.jpg) or GIF (.gif). However, JPEG is much more preferred than any other.
  • Talking about the zoom, it starts at 1000px on its longest side and 500px on the shortest.
  • The image should have a color space of sRGB.
  • The maximum file size should be 10mb.
  • The most preferred dimension ratio for an image is 1:1 square and can go up to 5:1 rectangle.

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2. Most appropriate Product dimensions for amazon photo upload size

The best and the most preferred image size to upload on amazon is 2000 by 2000 pixels. These dimensions form an aspect ratio of 1:1.

Dimensions for amazon product photos

3. Design requirements

Apart from the technical and size requirements of the product images, it is equally imperative to understand amazon image editing’s design requirements.
However, there’s a slight difference in the image guidelines of the main listing images (which is majorly viewed as a thumbnail), primary images, and secondary images.

Main image guidelines for Amazon photo editing

Starting an eCommerce store needs appropriate guidance to get success. And a business’s success depends upon its marketing and branding. Similarly, this article entails detailed image guidelines for Amazon. Main images are the ones that are visible while you search for a product. And with that sense, these are the essential images among all. The better the main image will be, the more it will pull the customers’ attention and make them end up buying the product.

However, amazon’s image guidelines are much stricter for the main images than the alternate images. Here are all the essential Amazon image guidelines for main listing images for you to know:

To do

  • The images should be authentic and must be shot on a plain white background.
  • They should hold RGB values of 255, 255, 255.
  • The product in the image should necessarily fill 85% or above of the area.
  • Ensure that the images should be sharp-edged, pixelated, not blurry, and cropped by a frame edge.
  • One also has to make sure that the product should precisely represent the specific product in the image and nothing else.

To not do

  • Avoid showing multiple views of the same product.
  • Avoid creating a graphic or illustration of that product.
  • Avoid clicking the products on the colored background.
  • Make sure it has to be on a visible mannequin or a model.
  • Avoid using props or decors while shooting products.
  • Avoid putting additional texts, or watermarks if any.

These are the eCommerce Photo Editing Services you need for your online store. Know that your products would look more polished with the help of professional experts. With in-depth knowledge and photo editing techniques, you can accomplish it for your brand on Amazon.

Alternate / secondary image guidelines for amazon product photography

The secondary images must necessarily meet the technical guidelines for the images, and nothing else is needed. You have to make sure that the prepared images match the technical requirements along with your touch of creativity.

Another tip for you to make your images collectively let the customers know the product’s importance and beauty. You can also use specific lifestyle pictures to increase clicks and sale conversions. The only object behind clicking and uploading secondary images should be more about the product features and uses.

Also, keep a note that even if you are allowed to add additional objects in the images, make sure that they should complement the product and not ruin the image’s decency.

Guidelines to top the brand list on Amazon

Strict adherence to amazon photo editing services will get your brand on the high side along with getting you a bunch of loyal customers. Let us take you to a few more points to top the brand list on Amazon.

1. Click a closer shot

According to the guidelines, the Amazon images can’t be zoomed in unless they are large enough. But if your pictures are clicked in a way so that the customers can focus on their purchase decision, you should go for it.

You can opt for 1000 pixels to get the zoom effect as composed above in the Amazon guidelines till the 2500-pixel mark. However, the most preferred one is the 2500-pixel image to draw customers’ attention.

Add multiple images

2. Add multiple shots

We would recommend you add multiple images in the listings as it can benefit you to enhance your sales conversion. Numerous angle shots of a single product satisfy a customer much more than a single shot. Make sure that customers get a 360-degree view of a product they are planning to buy.

Another point is that you can add informative texts or figures in the secondary images to acknowledge the customers more about the product. It can be anything such as size, shape, model, color, etc.

Always shoot a closer shot

3. Products on the model

From a selling viewpoint, showcasing the products on a visible mannequin or a model makes way more sense than hanging it freely. It helps the customers to re-imagine and relate the products to themselves in a realistic way.

Be it clothes, footwear, or other daily use life products, showing all your products’ features and uses through listing images will make the customers believe deeply in your products.

showcasing products on the model

Wrapping up

You have ample amazon product photo editing guidelines and got no option but to follow all of them to get the allowance to upload it in the software. However, apart from the restrictions, there is also a lot of flexibility in making your products representable in the images. Make sure you find creative and informative ways to showcase your products and increase sales conversions through it.

Being a seller on Amazon and aiming to stay on the top among the customers, you must hire an expert team of photo editing services and do the best by following all the guidelines.

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