Jewelry Photo Editing

From Photoshoot to Jewelry Photo Editing: All You Need to Know

In the on-going digital revolution, images and videos are vital to scaling your business and by acquiring more sales through them. Especially visual content like photos and videos have a significant impact on converting a website visitor into a lifelong customer.

Manufacturers and advertisers have to develop visual and textual content that shows credibility about their product to thrive online. Especially products like jewelry, clothing, and apparel images can make or break the online conversion in an ecommerce website.

So, the manufacturers and marketers have to ensure that they have attractive images to showcase the products to targeted customers. If you own a jewelry ecommerce business, photos become paramount to establish trust and showcase the quality of your products. So, along with photoshoot, jewelry photo editing is critical to get the visual appearance.

Through the images, you can depict the quality of the product, so if the picture is relevant and attractive, customers can visualize it and make a confirmed decision of buying it. In an ideal world, you can expect people randomly visit your online or offline jewelry store and check out your products.

But in the real world, you will have to showcase your portfolio to targeted consumers to encourage them to visit your store. Only good pictures would put your brand on the map and encourage buyers to purchase it.

Now, the actual question begins, to have the attractive image, you must do the jewelry photo editing. You cannot simply click images and upload it on your store directly from the camera.

Jewelry Photo Editing Is Not Just Editing

Jewelry photo retouching starts with the shoot only. There are small steps that can give you a productive post-processing experience. Capturing and post-processing both should align with each other to convert a photo into a stunning image.

Therefore, we are going to discuss the activities and resources that you can use not only click but post-process your jewelry shots to create a stunning first impression to the targeted consumer with jewelry photo editing.

  • Use Trustworthy Equipment

    You can’t participate in a bike race with a bicycle, that could be one of the most outrageous decisions that you might take. Similarly, to jewelry photo editing, you need to ensure that you are using the right camera kit and lenses to have crisp shots in the first place.

    For jewelry photo retouching, you need to ensure that you are using the right tools to get images which can be post-processed further for getting the desired output.

  • Use a Good Camera

    A good camera goes a long way even if you don’t realize that fact. A full-frame sensor is always better than a cropped sensor because full-frame has more power to maintain the details in various conditions. You must rely on trustworthy camera kits to be able to capture photographs for your jewelry shots.

    Along with the camera kit, you must also focus on using an appropriate lens. For jewelry shots, the prime lens would work.

  • Use Good Lighting Techniques

    While shooting for jewelry photos, make sure you have good lights at the venue. For the close-up shots, you might have to go with a series of artificial lighting to capture the images. While shooting with a model, you can rely on natural lighting or the mixture of natural and artificial lighting.

    In a nutshell, make sure that lights are placed at proper place aligned with the white balance so that highlights and shadows of the frame are not compromised. Also, mind the temperature of the lights so that whites of the images don’t get burnt out.

  • Reflectors Always Help

    The reflectors will help in distributing lighting across the shoot space appropriately. Sometimes, few areas of the frame get too much light, so they become darker or produce grains.

    And that’s why you cannot post-process the images effectively. So, to avoid such captures, you can use reflectors to distribute lights throughout the frame as per your choice.


  • White Boxes Would be a Good Idea

    A white box can help you play it safe while shooting jewelry photographs. Because the white box will provide a persistent base and background for all your shots. Therefore, you can make the subject more prominent in the frame so that users would see it instantly.

  • Use Props for Jewelry Photography

    Adding props would be a great way to add flavor and tone in to jewelry photographs. These props will not only improve the quality of the photo but also help you in capturing quality shots easily.

Add More Glamour to Your Jewelry Photos with IIP

Our photo retouching experts can help creating the best of jewelry images with their skills. To deliver breathtaking shots to our customers, we can help in:

  • Background: Focusing on the background is the vital steps of our photo retouching services. Background of your jewelry photos can add beauty or destroy the picture quality. Removing background and adding any color that compliments the color and texture of the jewelry helps.
  • Shadows: It helps to pop-up the subject efficiently and makes the product look attractive. Especially for ecommerce jewelry photoshoot, the appropriate shadow of the product can enhance the appearance of the jewelry like no other.
  • Clean Frames: Cleaning of the photograph means cleaning all the dust and unnecessary spots that might get captured in the frame. Whenever you are using a cloth or a material or a prop with the jewelry, the dust and spots on the prop might get captured.
  • Color Correction: Colors play a vital role in making a purchase. The color of the subject and the entire frame would communicate subconsciously to users and communicate intended messages if color correction is done effectively.

For flawless jewelry photo editing, get in touch with our experts now.