Aesthetic Product Photography – A Need which is In-Deed to Boost Sale

Life is all about capturing beautiful moments every now and then. Today cameras have made it very easy for us, continuing same having an elegant product photography can define the new definition for your E-commerce store. In the world of E-commerce, there is a lot depend on photographs of your products.

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The holiday season is just round the corner, pull up your socks and refresh your e-commerce portal with a new design, layout, and photographs. The investment both in terms of money and time will garner good returns. If you have not focused on your products photography till now, then this is the right time to do so with the upcoming holiday season. Better late than never, photograph all your products precisely and post them on your e-commerce store to reap the benefits. Get the gears on and let be devil-may-care in the hands of Santa.

Stay Exuberant this Holiday Season – Product Photography:


The photograph has to be of the product you intend to sell and must showcase the features of it. Posting any photograph just because it is a visual delight will not serve the purpose. The prospective client must be able to make out the real color, shape, and size of your product by looking at its photograph on your E-commerce website. The photograph should convince the prospective customer to go ahead and read the listed features and the price as well as the discount if any.

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One big disadvantage of online shopping is that you do not get to touch or feel the products as you would normally do in a brick and mortar store. Thus, in order to compensate for this disadvantage, you need authentic photographs, which are not manipulated. You need to provide 360 degrees view of your products via snaps, which may be costly but will reap benefits. It is always recommended to use more than one image of the same product which will give more details about your product. If it is a footwear or clothing, then best bet would be to use a mannequin or a human model to display them as it gives the customer a better idea, how it would look on him or her.

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The amount of time a prospective client would spend on viewing a product image is of short duration and if the client has to strain his or her eyes to get a clear picture of the product then chances of purchase diminish dramatically. The size has to be appropriate to showcase all the features of the product and bigger is better. Your images have to load on time as if a client has to wait for that to happen then you are most likely to lose him or her. So, post the best possible image or images of your products to create a good impression.


Life Shots

Sometimes the products under consideration need background images which are from real life. You can use stylish backgrounds but without taking away focus from the product itself. If there are humans portraying your products then you can even include the environment behind. You can experiment with angles and lighting to click product photographs in different shades. Keep the backdrop as simple as possible, like a plain painted wall or white paper.

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Attention to Detail

It is utmost important to allow your prospective customers to look at each and every detail of your product as they should not feel cheated. In case of clothing, high-resolution images are required to showcase the quality. Provide zoom function or an option of enlarging the image if the prospective customer wants to. Paying attention to small things is a must in product photography as you will not like certain elements of the product to be missed by the viewer.

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Show and Tell

Each and every feature mentioned in product details should be shown through photographs and nothing should be left to the imagination of the prospective customers. For example, if you have mentioned in the product description that a furniture has four drawers, then show all the four drawers. Use multiple snaps to showcase the different colors the product has and how it looks in a variety of situations. This will compensate for not actually seeing the product or feeling it in a brick and mortar store.

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Go head-over-heels with IIPVapi Post Processing:

The stage of post processing is very important no matter how costly you went over the product photography. The minor blemishes need to pluck out by the hands of professionals and IIPvapi helps you to do same over your needs. Make the wonder of product photograph bouquet on your E-commerce website this holiday season. Our professional etiquettes with our professional image editors make the delicious combo of image editing working round the clock – delivering needs on time. Call a bell right away – to have happy holidays!