Top 7 Reasons to Outsource Photo Editing

Top 7 Reasons to Outsource Photo Editing

There are millions of photographers in the world who are doing excellent work in their profession. Although they are not gaining the name and fame that they deserve.

It’s not like they lack some photography skills or something, but the ‘salt’ of the photo – photo editing (which brings the clicked picture to life) is what many photographers fall short.

Hence outsourced photo editing or photo retouching services providers came into existence.

Now the big question comes; Why it becomes essential to outsource photo editing for an online business?

Brand photography is the most popular and important aspect of online business. And in that photography post-production team’s role becomes equally crucial in creating an enhanced and optimized picture of your product/service for e-commerce platforms – that would make your potential customers ‘click the buy button’.

So now, let’s get to the point and look at the rock-solid reasons why to outsource photo editing.

Reason 1: Time Saver

Besides the skilled touch and comprehensive knowledge of the tools & software for photo editing, quality photo editing for online platforms often requires a lot of time. Outsource photo editing team focuses the most on the timing.

For example, in-house photo editors/designers can handle a limited number of photographs. But they might not be able to cope with a large number if you have lots of images to edit, with a limited time duration.

Therefore outsourcing photo editing in these conditions can tackle the demand of recruiting a large number of designers to meet the deadline.

Reason 2: Online platforms require high-quality and standard images

Basic or general editing of product photos for your eCommerce will give you ‘generic’ results (sales). And if you don’t follow the standards defined by those platforms for images – then high chances of your product getting overlooked or ranked under a similar kind of product.

Outsourced photo editing teams know these kinds of stuff very well and can do this task with the professional touch very quickly.

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Reason 3: Attractive images increases sales

Attractive images increases sales

Imagine you went to to buy a pair of sports shoes. You typed ‘sports shoes’ in the search bar, and hundreds of results came up. However, when you kept scrolling down, you saw that the images of the shoes listed are less attractive than those at the top. That’s how the algorithm of e-commerce platforms works.

Eye-catching and attractive photos in an e-commerce site can draw the attention of the consumer, which can increase sales per day. Hence they are prioritized to be on top. (high-quality image is just one of the many factors for higher rank on e-commerce platforms)

Outsourced photo editing service means more traffic to your online site and, eventually, a rise in sales.

Reason 4: Productivity of In-house team increases

The tedious job of editing photos will take your in-house workers’ precious working time away. Too much post-processing time can cause a diversion from the core business tasks. Not to mention your teams’ “creative burnout” from such long hours of photo editing.

Therefore outsource photo editing may help exercise the imagination of your in-house team over high-growth activities.

This can include meeting potential customers, optimizing marketing strategies, and developing new products. In turn, they can concentrate on these core tasks, ultimately increasing the ROI of your company.

Reason 5: Minimum TAT (turn-around-time)

To any photographer, photography agency, or photojournalist, the least turnaround time in clicking, editing, and distributing images is essential.

It isn’t easy to fulfil this requirement if you don’t outsource photo editing tasks to the professional outsourced photo editing company. Outsourcing photo editing companies are rich with skilled talent and resources.

Hence you can enjoy the lowest turnaround time because they don’t rely on a single resource to get the work done.

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Reason 6: Easy customizations for each platform

There are several well-known online platforms nowadays where you might showcase your brand or product. However, not each of those platforms has the same requirement for listing the pictures on their portal.

Some of it requires different resolution or format or image-size to list on their domain.

Henceforth if you outsource photo editing, then you can share your requirements with the outsource photo editing partner, and they will make your photo compatible with all the platforms.

Reason 7: It’s secure and reliable

The photographers are worried about the licensing of his / her art and plagiarism. Don’t think about it anymore, because professional Image Editing Service Company such as IIPVAPI promises image protection.

IIPVAPI also signs NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), which are responsible for keeping images intact before and after project completion.

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Quick Tip

While choosing the outsourced photo editing, check the quality and take free trials (if they offer) of the outsourcing company. Ask them for the details about the license and the country of origin. And, give them a small project with a reasonable turnaround time before placing a bulk order.


Outsourcing your photo editing job would give you many advantages regardless of whether you’re an independent photographer or a photography agency.

You’ll want to outsource photo editing more – once you find the perfect outsourced photo editing partner. Not only this, gradually, but you’ll also realize you’re saving some precious time on the work you don’t specialize in.

An experienced photo retouching service provider knows the art of catering to different styles and needs of your customers and online platforms.