6 Best Techniques for Fashion E-commerce Photography

Being in e-commerce business, product photographs at your website must be your USP (Unique Selling Point). Many e-commerce businesses fail due to poor photos only. Good display always attracts visitors.

This article talks about some essential tips for fashion merchandising photography that e-commerce store owners should mind. Because photography is not only about clicking random pictures, it is an art where real pictures displayed in a virtual world. Here, we will have an insight on core aspects that help in endorsing the fashion business through amazing snaps.

Investing on fashion photography for online e-commerce website caters you with improved ROI.

6 DIY Practices of Online Fashion Products Photography

Appearance of Attire

Attire catches most of the attention of viewers while they are seeing fashion merchandise at website. If the garments have wrinkles, creases and look shabby, it is not suggestive to move forward for photo shoot. Here, you might have excuse to go for Photoshop work to fix such issues.

No doubt that Photoshop is a great tool but it increases your dependency if you are not expert in it. So, it is advisable to examine attire and fix the things before moving ahead for photography.


Choose Location

Many Photoshoots took place in an in-house studio with a plain background like black/white. Such photos can easily mix with different styles and poses. If you want to go for location-based photography, then pick the typical location, visit it first, imagine how you will use model and lights to bring your concept to next level, etc. This homework saves your time, money and resources as well.


Decide – Model or Mannequin

Many of e-commerce owners display outfits photos simply by hanging them up on the hangers. Instead of using hangers, they can select live models or mannequin that aid customers in making quick buying decision. They can easily visualize outfits’ shape and themselves too into it. Hiring a model is preferable, as it gives realistic idea to buyers how the garment will look at their body.


Proper Light

Lighting setup is totally based on location you choose. In indoor shoot, probably you’ll require less lighting in compare to outdoor photography. Bright lighting is core requirements to have correct exposure of your fashion merchandising.


To get high-quality picture, arrange the photo shoot under ample of light. To have sufficient lighting, you can go for either natural from a big window or rest artificial light equipment.

Camera Settings

No photography excellence workout, if you don’t have a good resolution camera. Using DSLR cameras, you can have high-quality photographs. However, camera settings are equally important. A perfect click requires an accurate blend of SIO, aperture and white balance. Even, Photoshopping cannot fix the issues that arise due to wrong camera settings.

Perfect settings in high-definition camera drive amazing picture quality for your fashion photos that need less photoshopping.


Photo Editing

Once everything is done accurately the final phase takes place that is photo editing. This is the core part of your fashion photography campaign. While editing fashion merchandising photos for online store, one has to be very accurate in terms of picture background, alignment, colors, cropping, and much more.


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