5 Fashion Photo Retouching

5 Fashion Photo Retouching Tips for Smart Ecommerce Photo Editing

How many times do you feel instantly connected with a product by the way it has shown on the website? Whenever you are browsing through eBay or Amazon, an image of a particular product is the first thing that you observe. Isn’t it?

On an average, 3 out 4 customers rely on product images before deciding whether to buy those products. When you are working for fashion photo retouching, the visual presentation is everything. You cannot claim a product to be extraordinary and expect to skyrocket your sales.

In this era of digital world where everything is online, once something is published on the web, it stays till eternity. So, you must ensure that your products stay ahead of the pack and create a visual appeal for themselves.

In a departmental store, whenever a customer comes to shop, they would first observe those products which are displayed creatively. Similarly, ecommerce platform is your digital store where product images can grab your audience’s attention.

If it’s a brick and mortar retail store, you have the advantage of a customer service representative to talk to the visitors and crack a way to sell your products. For any ecommerce store, you cannot ensure such a proactive interaction with the customer and therefore you must rely on images developed through fashion photo retouching.

You cannot simply click the pictures and upload it on the server. You need to work alongside a well versed designer to post-process those shots and make them more attractive before uploading them on the website. The photo editing should create the look and feel of the quality of the product. It eventually creates the brand image of your online store.

Being one of the leading photo editing and post production service providers across the globe, we have learned that proper images can not only improve click through ratio (CTR) but also increase profits by ensuring enhanced sales. We have a team of talented designers who work tirelessly to create stunning visual appeal for your products.

To have a detailed understanding of how you can revamp your online shelf, let us explore some latest fashion photo retouching tips.

Highlight Key Features of the Apparel

Whenever you are editing product images for your fashion ecommerce store, lighting is the most essential factor that determines how well your picture has been crafted and developed to be uploaded on the website.

If your image tries to focus on the product’s key advantages, then make sure those areas in the shots are creatively highlighted to showcase the benefits of the products. For example, if you want to showcase the material of the cloth or the way it is manufactured, you can highlight the same in your product images. If you cannot do it, users would not engage or understand your product thoroughly.

So, while retouching leverage callouts and dialogue boxes to emphasize the features of the product and also make sure they are well lit. See how material of the jacket is shown in the image below. (Source)


Make Sure Images Have Symmetry

In fashion photo retouching for ecommerce, your products should be appropriately aligned in the pictures.

For example, if you are selling a hoodie or sweatshirt which is not correctly placed on the table or they are more leaned to either side of the image, then it would not create appeal to the users.

Make sure that images are symmetric while doing ecommerce photo editing. Remember that the alignment and placement of the product is responsible to create professional and elegant look and feel for your product. Asymmetric product shots create a sloppy brand image and can make customers feel a little off. It would also impact the brand image of your ecommerce store that does not care to develop symmetric and accurate product shots.

Few things to take care:

  • Understand the height of the sleeves and overall apparel
  • Understand the width of the cloth
  • Understand the dimensions of the canvas
  • Ensure that collar, torso and waistline are aligned
  • Understand the overall dimension of the image


See how the symmetry has been managed in the above product image. They have also applied the shadows, see the edges of the hoodie, in their image to give clean look to their hoodie.

Apply Effects of Invisible Mannequin

Instead of just placing the apparel in the image, try applying an effect to show the apparel is worn by a person. (Source)


Sellers put a mannequin in their departmental store to let people know how t-shirt would look like on a human being, but here, the same objective is achieved with no mannequin thanks to meticulous fashion photo retouching skills.

Such an effect would elevate the look and feel of the product image, and users can instantly connect with it more than anything else since they can imagine how it would look like on a human. So, they can make confirmed decision whether to buy that particular product or not. With this fashion photo editing technique, you can show more of a product without overemphasizing the product.

Use Models Wisely

Adding humans in your fashion photos can help your targeted audience connect better with your products. They would instantly imagine themselves through the model in the image. That said, using models demands some careful and responsible retouching skills.

First of all, ensure that you have the rights to use the pictures of the models on your ecommerce store.
You can also collaborate with agencies for fashion photo retouching services to avail the royalty-free models’ pictures from the agency. Your editing should resonate with the aesthetics of your brand. While working with models, you need to keep in mind about reasonable skin retouching.

While shooting in broad daylight, the skin can become exposed to direct sunlight and bright outdoor lights that impact the texture of the skin, especially around elbows, knees and hands; you would feel the skin tone is a bit off. Therefore, pick a balanced skin tone and mask it throughout the body to make the image more attractive.

Please be mindful while tweaking the skin tone and don’t overdo the editing, which negatively impacts the reputation of the store. Keep an eye on bruises, moles, acne, birthmarks, scratches, freckles, and other marks on the skin.

Focus on the Background

In the fashion photo retouching, the background plays a vital role in creating visual appeal for the subject. If you are working with models to create product shots, make sure that exposure and focus are on the models only. The colour of the cloth should not be the same as the background, period.

For example, if you are clicking a t-shirt that is placed on a table with few other props, make sure that the table and the accessories do not distract users. Do not forget to tweak background the background a bit while fashion photo retouching. Because a relevant and engaging layout would subconsciously direct users’ attention to the product.

You can blur apply colour toning or mask the background so that you can make your product more focused on the image.

Get in touch with our experts to bring out the best of your photos with our fashion photo retouching. I’m sure that these minute things would help you create stunning creatives for your products. Our IIP experts for fashion photo editing to boost your sales with utmost quality and quickest turnaround time.