Top 4 Tips to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rate with Product Photography in 2020

Ecommerce businesses have been revitalized with product photography and this is something that’s been getting steadily faster in recent years. Across every niche, product photography speaks more than a thousand words.

Good ecommerce product photography makes the difference – as it attracts the right audience, tells an unforgettable story about the product, captures the right emotions and eventually increases web conversion with right consistency and appeal.

As consumers are increasingly looking for authenticity, transparency and trustworthiness, the main purpose of this product-led industry is to show your products in the best way possible.

For many, keeping up with the latest product photography trends doesn’t mean a whole lot, but for online retailers and ecommerce site owners, it can make or break your year in sales.

Tips for Perfect Ecommerce Product Photography for Higher Conversion

Capture Right Environment

Any suitable environment is utmost necessary for best portrayal of your images. All-in-one integration of ecommerce product images on your web pages, social media channels and emails will work wonders if your image has the suitable environment with a real background to attract your buyers.


Vivid and Intense

Besides having a high quality product, product photographers can create vivid and intense photos that capture audience’s emotion and attention. Much of this can be done with the perfect use of colours that easily complement and contrast your company’s branding. Using the right amount of editing enhances the image to a greater extent.

Also try contrast between the product and its backdrop. Paying a significant amount of attention to add vivid and intense appeal becomes more vital for the time to come.

Alternate and Detailed Views

Try not to show a single image, it is important to show as many as you can- from various angles. It helps the audience to make the decision quicker. Also, extra brownie points if you can show the product in action or with the right context. For buyers, it becomes easy to understand your product well with a contextual image


Keeping up with these product photography trends may not only increase your company’s revenue but also make a radical difference to stand way ahead in the competition.

Impeccable Post Production of Your E-commerce Product Photography

For a more comprehensive and polished look and feel, it’s mandatory to do retouching. You can easily remove even the minutest flaws of the product images. To make your product photography shots sale-ready, various photo editing activities like cut out, cropping, retouching, background and mannequin removal, colour correction, enhancement, masking and more is undertaken.

All you have to do is to click photos and leave all your post- production worries to us. So Simple!

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