10 Ways to Improve Your Product Photography

The perceived value of your products and the trust of your business is often judged by the eye-grabbing product photos showcasing your business offerings. Having an attractive e-Commerce website apparently means displaying high quality product photographs.

“Beautiful photos invokes temptations”

Going with the above fact, it becomes extremely inevitable for any e-commerce website to include dashboard of captivating photos to ramp up the shopping experience of the customers.

Mentioned below are few ways by which you could improve your product photography and to give your website a much needed chiseled look. Sail through it to know it.

1. Shoot it in a White Background


A clean white background makes the eyesight of the viewer fall directly on the product. It also creates a distinguishable background which nullifies the chances of visual distractions. Staying with the white background is advantageous as we could create a consistent look of the e-commerce web-page. Many e-commerce portals prefer the white background of the images.

2. Lighting


Alongside white background, one of the important aspect of the product photography is ‘Lighting the background’. If a product is shot in a perfectly lit background, one will require less time in photo-editing as it creates pure white effect. It is also advisable not to mix different lights while shooting. If you are using a light bulb, make sure that there is no presence of the daylight.

3. Shadow Styles

You can create different shadow styles for your product, adding a shadow style creates a realistic effect to your product portfolio. Three major types of shadows are generally used by all the e-commerce websites. You can choose any of the shadow style from ‘natural shadow’, ‘drop shadow’ and ‘reflection’. For further details on shadow, you can refer to the separate article titled: Types of Shadow styles for your product photos. You can create such shadows styles by photo-editing or handle the job to the retouching companies.

4. Provide Perspective

In case of some products, chances are high that the exact dimensions of a product is not figured out by the viewers. In such cases, adding a prop or supporting item with the original product will give the idea of the original size of the product. For example, a round ring could be misinterpreted as a bracelet unless not shown it in the finger of a model.

5. Color It All


This has to do something with the photo-editing. This is applicable especially in Fashion and Lifestyle products. You can photograph a product of particular color and create a products of different colors by photo-editing in Photoshop. This will give the viewers a chance to segment their choices based on the colors and nothing is left on the imagination of the viewers. Many professional photo-editing service providers who cater this type of service to the e-commerce giants.

6. Consistency

As mentioned above, all the products should have the same characteristics in terms of background, shadow style, sizing light and. Website looks more professional if all the parameters are kept consistent in your product photo. Many professional photo-editing service providers prefer to work on the images with the consistent back-ground while retouching.

7. Human feelings


Some products are capable of invoking emotions. In such products, inculcate human presence with an emotion which can best describe the sole purpose of the particular product. For example, a music gadget could be incorporated with people dancing with a joy. That will depict the best feeling that is served by the product.

8. Size

Always size down your image to the size of thumbnails so as to accumulate it on the web-page. Slightly larger size should be taken for the image to be showcased on the dedicated product page. Take a close-up photo for providing the zoomed image.

9. Tools


In order to execute the quality product photo, one should have a good quality camera, tripod and a lights. You do not need to have a high budget camera for it but do avoid point-and-shoot camera. Use of tripod will help to hold the camera still but the camera might shake while pressing the capture button resulting into blurred lines. In order to completely discard this possibility, try using a timer settings in your camera.

10. Professional Photo-editing

When the final images are selected, it is the time to do some retouching. It would be advisable to hand on the task of photo-editing to the professional photo-editing service providers like us. Photo-editing on your own could turn out to be bit tricky as these product photos demand a skilled retouching work upon it so as to match the quality of the professional e-commerce websites. There are many outsourcing companies that provide photo-editing at the affordable prices and with a lesser turnaround time than doing manually. Contact us now to give that extra touch to your image and make it perfect to showcase on your e-commerce website.